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Happy 9 Years to Us!

Alan and Donna Hull inspire baby boomers one travel adventure at a time.

We’re having so much fun inspiring your next boomer travel adventure!

9 years ago this week, I published the first article at My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel. Of course it wasn’t my first boomer travel blog post. From January 2006 to September 2009, I wrote a personal travel blog at for family, friends and the public. Those travel updates gave birth to the idea of a travel website for baby boomers. Since then, Alan and I’ve been on a mission to inspire boomers one active travel experience at a time.

Where Do You Want to Travel?

Alan and I prefer looking ahead rather than reliving the past. But it is fun to check out My Itchy Travel Feet statistics to see which destinations and travel experiences have resonated with our readers. It also helps us know which topics you’d like to read more about. Taking a look at the 1,430 published articles that have attracted 1,905,038 page views, here are your favorites.

Experiencing Monument Valley at sunrise is a must-do travel experience in the American Southwest.

Experiencing Monument Valley at sunrise is a must!

Taking the scenic drive in Monument Valley is the most popular article at My Itchy Travel Feet by a long shot. We don’t blame you. The iconic western destination inspires visitors with photogenic landscapes and Native American history.

Kodiak Island is a beautiful Alaska destination. Learn more about how to plan your trip to Alaska by clicking through.

Isn’t Kodiak Island a beautiful Alaska destination? We’ll be visiting again in 2018 on the Seabourn Sojourn.

Our second most popular article is actually a page filled with Alaska travel planning advice. Active Alaska Travel Planning Guide includes links to everything we’ve written about Alaska, our Alaska travel resources page, and more. We’ll be cruising in Alaska in late spring of 2018, which will be a great time to introduce you to new Alaska cruise excursions. Of course Alan’s always lobbying for another road trip on the Alaska Highway.

Enjoy a sunset on a road trip to Key West, Florida.

You’ll see plenty of remarkable sunsets in Key West.

Five Funky Things to Do in the Florida Keys has moved up to #3 thanks to its popularity on Pinterest. Use the ideas in the article to create an unforgettable Florida Keys road trip.

Traveling to northern Italy? Start by checking out our boomer road trip to northern Italy guide.

Someday we’d like to return to Cinque Terre for an extended visit.

In 4th place is the information that we’ve published on planning a boomer road trip to Northern Italy. If My Itchy Travel Feet website traffic is any indication—and we think that it is—boomers LOVE traveling to Italy. So don’t miss upcoming articles about our recent cruise excursions in Sardinia and Sicily.

Learn more about how to plan a day trip to Cambridge.

Nicole fills us in on what it’s like to visit Cambridge for the day

Alan and I obviously need to travel to the Cambridge area as Nicole’s article on how to plan a day trip to Cambridge makes an appearance as the 5th most popular article at My Itchy Travel Feet.

Tips for the best fall road trips in the U.S.

Looking for fall color in Arches National Park.

And which of our recent articles is the most popular? Tips for Planning Fall Road Trips.

What’s Next?

Alan and I are celebrating My Itchy Travel Feet’s anniversary with a road trip in late May. We’ll be checking an item off the bucket list with a trip to Crater Lake National Park along with a couple of off-the-beaten-path Oregon adventures. I’ll be sharing more about the itinerary as soon as it’s final.

We’re working on a Montana scenic driving trip for June that hopefully includes the Beartooth Highway and a the remote Centennial Valley Backcountry Drive. Of course there will be other regional adventures over the summer. And in October, Alan and I will be cruising the South Pacific again for a month on Seabourn Sojourn.

Did you see the announcement of the third coloring book in our Grayscale Coloring Books for Travelers series. Animal lovers will want to check out Coloring the World’s Wildlife, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers. I’m thinking the fourth one should focus on Italy or Hawaii. What do you think? Let me know.

Another road trip book is still in the works focusing on the region in Utah that’s just beyond Monument Valley. Off-the-beaten-path travel fans will really like this one.

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