A Sandal That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented a thong sandal that was comfortable enough to wear all day? Say hello to the ABEO Balboa Sandal.

When the folks at ABEO Footwear invited me to try the ABEO Balboa Sandal, I almost said no. Unless I’m at the beach, I seldom wear thong-type sandals because of sensitivity between my toes, which is all my mother’s fault because she did not forbid me to hike on a muddy trail wearing flip flops when I was 10. The end result? Blisters between toes caused the area between my big toe and the next one to be extremely sensitive. Okay, I was old enough to know better. But you know how 10-year-old girls are—they know everything! Hmm, Alan might say that nothing has changed much in 55 years.

I'm ready for the beach thanks to ABEO Footwear
I’m ready for the beach thanks to ABEO Footwear

But back to the ABEO Balboa Sandal. What’s so special about this shoe? It’s manufactured with the ABEO B.I.O.system®, which results in a customized fit. You’re basically wearing biomechanical footwear with orthotics pertinent to your foot type built into the shoe.

Visit a local retailer that carries ABEO shoes (you can find a retailer on this page of the ABEO Footwear site) to have your foot digitally scanned to calculate optimum footbed construction for your foot. Once you know your type—neutral, metatarsal or posted heel—then it’s easy to pick the shoe that’s right for you.

In the case of the ABEO Balboa Sandal, I requested the metatarsal. It’s a good choice for someone like me who has a high arch because the shoe redistributes weight from the ball of the foot, relieving pain and pressure on the forefoot. And the ABEO Balboa Sandal has other benefits:

  • Reduces shock and stress to the joints
  • Increases stability and reduces foot fatigue
  • Supports your feet and aligns your body
  • Manufactured with water resistant nubick leather that has a stretch fabric upper
  • Includes a channeled rubber outsole that absorbs shock and channels water for improved traction
  • Balances weight distribution

I especially appreciate the slip resistant bottom of the sandals. At my age, I’m doing everything I can to avoid falls, especially since I’ve recently been diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis.

The ABEO Balboa Sandal comes in cute styles that feel good on your feet. Perfect for the summer or a trip to the beach.
Don’t you just love this style of the ABEO Balboa Sandal?

And did I mention that all of this technical shoe goodness comes in a variety of colors, including patterns? Take a look at the Black-Silver Balboa Sandal. Cute!

The next time I need good-looking walking shoes, dressy styles or athletic trainers, I’ll be checking out the ABEO Footwear site.

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Disclosure: ABEO Footwear provided the ABEO Balboa Sandal for my review. 

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