Where Will You Go For Spring Break?

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The sands are golden colored and empty of tourists at Papohaku Beach on Moloka'i
Spring break on an empty beach in Moloka’i

Are you planning a baby boomer spring break? This time last year, Alan and I were preparing for a coastal California sports car road trip that took us from Paso Robles up the coast to Mendocino before ending in California wine country. In 2011, we’re headed north to Montana. That’s sounds a little backwards doesn’t it? But we have work to do. Starting this summer, Alan and I will be splitting our time between Tucson and the Bitterroot Valley.

When I asked our Facebook readers where they would like to go for a boomer spring break, Kauai, the southern California coast, eastern Oregon, the warm desert, Ilsa Mujeres, British Virgin Islands and Spain were mentioned. Of course Alan and I haven’t been to all of the destinations that were named, but I can offer advice on Kauai, San Diego and the desert Southwest.

Active Adventure in Kauai

Are you a baby boomer who prefers action rather than sunning on the beach? In Kauai, you can fill your days with active excursions without ever stretching out on that lounge chair.

For an all day boomer adventure, go paddling, zipping and hiking with Kauai Outfitters. Of course you can’t miss the NaPali Coast. The best way to see the scenic green cliffs is by boat. On a catamaran trip with Kauai Sea Tours, we enjoyed a day on the water, photographing those beautiful views plus a stop for snorkeling.

Want to feel like a child again? You’ll be squealing your way down the old sugar plantation irrigation canals on a tubing adventure with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. And don’t miss the hiking opporutnities at Waimea Canyon, the state of Hawaii’s answer to the Grand Canyon.

Of course you’ll be hungry after all that activity. Be sure to visit Joe’s on the Green near Poipu Beach to sample Alan’s favorite loco moco.

Flying High in San Diego

Although Alan and I haven’t traveled to San Diego, we’ve hosted two guest bloggers who’ve given our readers fun advice on visiting one of southern California’s favorite beach cities. A tandem paragliding adventure will send boomers soaring over the San Diego landscape. And, when it’s time to settle into luxurious accommodations, Grand Del Mar Resort and Sap will add romance to your spring break.

Warm Your Toes in the Desert Southwest

Spring is an ideal time to explore the desert landscape of the Southwest. RV campers will find plenty to do in Borrego Springs, just two hours east of San Diego. What’s that? You’re a baby boomer princess? Then you’ll want to try the hiking, four-wheeling and spa opportunities at Ritz-Carlon Dove Mountain near Tucson. Adventure wrapped in luxury — that works for me.

Spring Break Tips

I took a tour around the internet to find more baby boomer spring break advice for you.

  • This video from the Today Show offers ideas on exotic travel from Mark Orwoll, the international editor of Travel and Leisure Magazine.
  • Boomer gardeners who want to tiptoe through the tulips should read Susan McKee’s article about tulip festivals.
  • At Baby Boomers Traveling, Doris Gallan offers alternative tips for spring break.

Where will you go going for spring break? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email to ask a question or share your experience.

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