Boomer Travel Fitness: How is Donna Doing?

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Equipped for boomer travel fitness

Boomer travel fitness guinea pig reporting for duty. Just to refresh your memory, I’ve been working with Nora Lynch of Fit Travelers Have More Fun to develop new habits when it comes to preparing my body for a trip. Exercise sessions, eating strategies, relaxation techniques and mental preparation are all part of the mix. Are you curious about my progress?

With our Silversea Holiday Cruise through the Panama Canal quickly approaching, my travel fitness preparation is in high gear. Of course I’ve been following Nora’s suggestions to schedule movement breaks every 90 minutes when I’m at my desk. And I’m still working on mastering simple meditation techniques for better sleep.

I’ve ramped up my workout thanks to Jillian Michaels and Klout. For those boomers who aren’t involved in the world of social media, Klout is a site that attempts to measure a user’s influence based on their participation on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. A user, like me, joins Klout to find out their score (I’m at 45 right now). Occasionally, Klout offers perks to members, mine came as a coupon for free access to the exercise world of Jillian Michaels, the self-proclaimed toughest trainer in America.

Using the free coupon code from Klout, I registered at the Jillian Michaels online site. After answering a questionnaire on exercise and eating habits, I began receiving a daily email newsletter with a workout regime and suggested menu. Boomer readers, pay attention to this — BIG WARNING — check with your doctor before starting this exercise series. It is a tough workout revolving around strength and core training with a component of aerobics. I still have to substitute easier moves for some of the tougher exercises.

When I began the Jillian Michaels program, my goal was more about losing weight than improving boomer travel fitness. What woman doesn’t want to shed a few pounds before a cruise? Yes, I’ve lost some weight but that isn’t the most important benefit. This workout has challenged my body and changed it’s shape in the process. I’m bounding up the stairs now because of increased strength in my quads. And it won’t be long before I lift that carry-on into the overhead bin without sweetly asking for help from the man in line behind me. Who knows? I may even have six pack abs before the cruise begins.

My point here is not to encourage you to sign up for the Jillian Michaels program. There are many exercise videos and online sites with similar tough fitness regimes. Here’s my takeaway — challenge yourself. To really improve your boomer fitness, it takes more than brisk walks or 30 minutes on the treadmill each day. And the best part of this experience — I’ve learned plenty of exercises that don’t require any equipment except for hand weights. I now have an exercise regime for on-the-road-fitness sessions when there isn’t a workout room available on our travels.

The next challenge is to keep up my new-found boomer travel fitness while on our Silversea holiday. Luckily for me (and you), Nora Lynch will be here tomorrow with advice on eating healthy while on a cruise. And I have Ralph Grizzle of Avid Cruiser to inspire me. Ralph lost 20 pounds while sailing on a month-long Silversea cruise this year.

How’s your boomer fitness coming along? Come join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook. Or send us an email with your thoughts.

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