Slip This Hand Lotion Into Your Carry-on

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made-on-skin-care-productsNeed an under $20 gift for your favorite boomer traveler? How about a hand lotion that can be transported in carry on luggage without raising eyebrows from a TSA agent or leaking onto your clothes? What if it contained a combination of natural ingredients specifically designed for extreme dry skin? Hard Lotion from MadeOn Skin Care Products is the answer.

Made from beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, hard lotion bars come in a tin box. The bar stays in a solid state until softened by the warmth of your hands. For the last month, I’ve been trying out several of the MadeOn Skin Care Products:

  • At night, I’ve been rubbing the Bee Silk Hard Lotion Bar on my dry, cracked heels — you know how hard active travel is on our itchy travel feet! The beeswax seals in the healing properties of the coconut oil and shea butter without that sticky or greasy feeling.
  • When using the Au Chocolat Hard Lotion — does it ever smell good — I got my chocolate fix without adding a single calorie to my day. The addition of cocoa butter to coconut oil and beeswax gives it that slight chocolaty scent.
  • Applying the MadeOn natural lip balm, protected my lips on the cold, Montana walks that Alan and I have been enjoying. And the peppermint essential oil included in the formula is a real pick-me-up.
  • I also received Bug Block, with essential oils of citronella, cedarwood and lavender to repel mosquitoes. I’ll let you know how well it works when those pesky insects return to Montana.

Hard Lotion Bars can be purchased from the MadeOn Skin Care Products site. The bars come in a 2 oz. size ($9.95) as well as smaller pocket-sizes ($5.95) that are great for packing in a purse or coat pocket. Gift packages range from $10.25 to $20.50.

I’m so pleased with my experience using Hard Lotion Bars that I’ll  be adding them to my revised version of 20 under $20: Gifts for the Boomer Traveler. And here’s another cool idea — Renee Harris, owner of MadeOn Skin Care Porducts, sells do-it-yourself kits for the those creative boomers — you know who you are and it’s not me.

Disclosure: MadeOn Skin Care Products provided sample products for my review.

Photo courtesy MadeOn Skin Care Products.


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