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Saturday’s scene: relaxing on a California beach


Relaxing at a California beach

Would you like to spend your next boomer road trip relaxing at a California beach? Go where the Santa Barbara County locals go—Refugio State Park. If you stay just up the road at el Capitan Canyon, you’re only a short bicycle ride from the beach. I’ll have to confess that I arrived at Refugio State Park in a Toyota Venza rather than by bicycle. The cross over vehicle offered easy access to the luggage compartment, which I appreciated when I slid my heavy backpack into the cargo space rather than having to lift it into a trunk.

Besides relaxation, what else is there to do at Refugio State Park? Ride bikes, kayak in the Pacific Ocean or walk the coastline. el Capitan Canyon offers convenient lodging choices including yurts as well as a variety of cabin options. And, you’re close enough to enjoy dinner in Santa Barbara when you tire of campfire cooking.

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Disclosure: Toyota provided this California travel experience but the opinions are all mine.

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