Canada Travel Guide

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Canada Travel Guide

Considering a trip to Canada? We don’t blame you. From sophisticated cities to stunning landscapes, this country is visually and culturally amazing. Not only that, but the profound history, mouth-watering cuisine, and great people make Canada a perfect choice for year-round travel. Our Canada Travel Guide includes some of our recommendations on how to see the best when exploring beautiful Canada so keep reading.

Canada Travel Planning Resources

Starting to plan a trip to Canada, but overwhelmed by all the options out there? Take a look at our Canada Travel Planning Resources to see the online resources, books, products and travel tips we use for planning a Canadian adventure.

Active Travel in Canada

Luckily, we’ve had some incredible adventures while exploring Canada. Use our past experiences in this vibrant country to discover some of Canada’s many active travel options. You’re sure to find a Canadian travel idea to fit your needs.

Where to stay in Canada

To help you make the most out of your Canadian adventure, we’ve got some great hotel and B&B recommendations for you. And they’re based upon our personal travel experiences. Check out some of our favorite options for Canada Lodging.

Vancouver Island Road Trip

Our road trip to Vancouver Island was filled with Nanaimo’s incredible food scene, luxuriously unique lodging and the island’s rugged, wild West Coast. Check out more of our experience exploring Vancouver Island.

Tauck Canadian Tour

We had an unforgettable experience touring the Canadian Rockies with Tauck Tours. Check out our amazing experience taking part in a Tauck Canadian Tour.

Canada Travel Guide Pinterest Boards

Nothing gets the planning process started like some amazing images. Take a look at our Pinterest Boards featuring some of our most memorable adventures relating to Canada Travel and our unforgettable Vancouver Road Trip.