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Take a Scenic Drive on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim

Updated 07.26.2018:  This article was originally part of a paid series that I wrote as a brand ambassador for Michelin Guides.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

If you’re a long time reader, then it’s no secret that the North Rim is my favorite destination at Grand Canyon National Park (Alan’s too). One of the easiest—and most scenic—ways to explore this side of the “big ditch” is taking the 23-mile-drive from Grand Canyon Lodge to Cape Royal.

Driving to Cape Royal on Grand Canyon’s North Rim

The paved road to Cape Royal travels through a mixed forest of ponderosa pine, douglas fir and quaking aspen. In autumn, the golden leaves of aspen trees shimmer when the wind blows through the forest adding to the already spectacular scene. This is a road for savoring, so spend a full day driving, taking short walks on the trails and stopping at the many viewpoints.

Walhalla Overlook.

At Walhalla Overlook, you’ll see the Colorado River far below as it twists and turns through the Grand Canyon.

Angels Window on Cape Royal Road at the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Angels Window.

Alan took this photo of Angel’s Window while on a photography workshop. I think he was practicing with filters, which explains the golden glow. Do you see the guardrails and silhouettes of visitors walking on top? It’s a good place to stretch your legs on a long day of scenic driving.

Vishnu Temple at the Cape Royal Overlook

Vishnu Temple.

Spend time at the Cape Royal Overlook admiring Vishnu Temple. The road ends here, so before you turn around and head back to the Grand Canyon Lodge, walk the trail to Angel’s Window and Cape Royal. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Disclosure: Michelin Guides has paid me to write this article as part of my Michelin Ambassador duties.

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