How to Travel to See Monarch Butterflies in Mexico

Have you always wanted to see the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico? Planning a winter trip to watch the migrating butterflies is a bucket list experience for boomer nature lovers. And it’s important to appreciate them while you can as their winter habit is threatened by illegal logging and climate change. Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently traveled […]

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How to Spend 3 Days in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a popular Mexican destination for many Americans and art lovers. The colorful town, and region, is packed with enough things to see and do that 3 days barely scratches the surface of what to experience. But active boomer travelers must make the best use of the time they have even […]

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Active Travel in Baja California

Are you looking for active travel in Baja, California ideas? Guest contributor, Pat Allen is here to tell us about her first experience going glamping in Baja, complete with an entire itinerary built around active travel. Active Travel in Baja California Imagine enjoying the sunset of your dreams—every night!! Now, imagine yourself enjoying that sunset […]

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Mazatlan sign on the beach

Active Travel in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, the” colonial city on the beach,” has undergone quite a few changes over the years, but has managed to maintain its unique culture and history. Today, the city is a vibrant Mexican destination that was designed for exploring, and offers plenty of options for active travel. Guest contributor, Neil Wolkodoff from Travel and, […]

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Whale watching in Magdelana Bay

Boomer Travel Fun in Loreto Bay National Marine Park

Have you visited Loreto Bay National Marine Park in Mexico? The beautiful Pacific Coast body of water that shimmers 50 shades of blue is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Legendary marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau called this region in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, “the world’s aquarium.” Guest contributor, Nancy D. Brown, explored the area on a […]

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Driving to the new wonder of the world: Chichen Itza

Are you a boomer traveler who enjoys visiting World Heritage Sites? Did you know that Chichen Itza in Mexico  has recently been named to the list? In today’s guest post, Elaine Masters of Trip Wellness takes us on a Chichen Itza road trip. There was a sweet, warm breeze flowing over the deck on our […]

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Redux

Exploring San Miguel de Allende has long been on my boomer travel list. But, so far, a summer trip to Cancun is the extent of my Mexican adventures. In today’s guest post, Suzanne Fluhr, publisher of Boomeresque, returns to the San Miguel de Allende of her childhood. What does she find? Read on: My first […]

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Learning to Surf at Las Olas

Sorry guys, this post is for the boomer women travelers out there looking for a new adventure. Hey gals, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to surf? I can hear all of you now. “Me? I’m a boomer woman. I’m too old to learn to surf.” Think again. Today, Maria Sutherland shares […]

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Nutella Quesadillas With Black Cherry Compote

Baby boomers, are you a Nutella fan? Would it surprise you to find this chocolaty hazelnut spread in a quesadilla? How about if that quesdadilla had been prepared in Mexico? I discovered this unusual dessert when I traveled to Cancun to participate in blog paradise for Marriott Resorts. Although I was staying at CasaMagna Marriott […]

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