Learning to Surf at Las Olas

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Sorry guys, this post is for the boomer women travelers out there looking for a new adventure.

Hey gals, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to surf? I can hear all of you now. “Me? I’m a boomer woman. I’m too old to learn to surf.” Think again. Today, Maria Sutherland shares her first-hand experience attending a women’s surfing camp in Las Olas, Mexico.

Boomer woman surfing at Las Olas

Before arriving at Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women, I was busy wrapping up business and had no time to imagine what would happen. I was tired and a bit anxious, and coming from an uptight beach town in California, Mexico was a bit of a culture shock. The first day I went surfing, the waves were a little bigger than usual. After being knocked off my board a few times, I questioned my sanity and decided to take the next day off. Fortunately, there were lots of wonderful diversions.

First of all, the area, Riviera Nayarit, was beautiful, and the villas were spectacular! Architectural Digest would absolutely feature them. Breathtaking details, beautiful views – it was like living in a dream.

And there was the seaside village full of friendly, smiling faces. I remember walking along and a random person would burst into song. My heart immediately began to feel lighter.

I was fortunate enough to come during a fiesta where the whole town was celebrating. As I watched the festivities from a second story perch, a man would hold a steel bull rigged with fireworks over his head and chase the village children through the plaza. The bull was a fickle contraption that would stop erupting now and then. Men would shake and hammer until the bull sputtered and started shooting sparks and smoke into the air, and mayhem would once again reign.

Did I mention the food? From restaurants to street vendors, the guacamole, fajitas, margaritas, and pastries were super fresh. Water was never an issue – there was plenty of pure water to be had. A health nut, I even found a place to get a daily delicious green smoothie.

Finally, there was the shopping – adorable little stores line the crooked streets. One of my favorite experiences was basking in the sun while vendors came up to my lounge chair. Crossing off your holiday list on the beach is truly a guilty pleasure!

Needless to say, within a couple days, I was completely comfortable. The surf instructors were so patient – they encouraged me to take my time in the water and to go at my own pace. My fellow surfers were wonderfully supportive and a blast to be around. The yoga and massage made me pliable and blissful. Before I knew it, I was nimbly walking along the cobblestone streets with a 10-foot surfboard balanced on my head. A few waves and a few hours later, it dawned on me that I was so relaxed, I had completely forgotten my flip-flops! That carefree, barefoot feeling is exactly what I want to bring home with me. Women into girls? Mission accomplished!

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