Delicious Hawaiian Breakfast Bread Recipe

Waianuhea Bead and Breakfast is no longer in business but this breakfast recipe is still delicious! What baby boomer traveler doesn’t love to eat? Trying recipes at home, based on regional dishes that you’ve experienced on the road, is a great way to keep the travel memories alive. From time to time, I share recipes […]

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Waterfalls stream down Waimea Canyon in Kauai

Visting Kauai’s Waimea Canyon

Want to visit the United States‘ other Grand Canyon? Travel to Kauai to experience Waimea Canyon. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon offers photographic opportunities along with numerous hiking adventures. Or you can just stand at one of the lookouts to marvel at the beauty of the lush green foliage punctuated […]

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Moloka'i accommodations at Hilltop Cottage

Finding Paradise on Moloka’i

Close your eyes. Now picture traveling to your perfect paradise. What do you see? Alan has always claimed that a secluded cabin somewhere in the Montana mountains would be his ideal escape. His romantic getaway envisions the two of us sitting on a deck, drinking a morning cup of coffee as we watch the wildlife that […]

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Hiking to a Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

If you’re a traveler who’s “been there, done that” on the Big Island of Hawaii, here’s an off-the-beaten-path adventure for you. Travel to South Point for a hike to a green sand beach, Papalokea. You’ll feel like you’ve come to the ends of the earth, or at least the southernmost end of the United States, which […]

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Horseback riding in Waipi'o Valley

Horseback Riding in Hawaii’s Waipi’o Valley

When baby boomer travelers drive Highway 240 on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, the road ends at Waipi’o Lookout. Peering over the rail at the dramatic valley fronted by a long, black sand beach, active travelers will be asking, “How do I get down there?” You have three choices—hike the road with its 1,000 […]

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tubing in kauai

Tubing Through Kauai’s History

For a Kauai adventure that sends baby boomer travelers laughing and squealing through sugar plantation history, try tubing down one of the old irrigation canals. Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers exclusive access to 17,000 acre Lihue Plantation, a former sugar cane kingdom. The company provides transportation, guides and equipment including a hard hat with headlamp plus […]

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Menehune Fish Pond, Kauai

Paddling, hiking and zipping through Kauai

Baby boomers, are you looking to add a little adventure to your beach vacation in Kauai? If so, spending the day on Kipu Falls Zipline Safari will satisfy your need to paddle, hike, zip and jump through Kauai’s mountainous scenery. Alan and I arranged this excursion through Kauai Outfitters. We boarded a van at their […]

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Adventure along Kauai’s Na Pali Coast

If you’re on a trip to the Hawaiian Islands, don’t miss the adventure along Kauai’s Na Pali coast. I know you’ve seen it, even if you’ve never been to Kauai. Photos of the jagged coastline appear in almost every travel article about this scenic Hawaiian island. It’s one of our favorite boomer adventures in Hawaii. […]

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