Arlene Davis

Travel Tips for Boomer Women Traveling Solo

Arlene Davis is a 74-year-old world traveler who took her first trip overseas at the age of 65, where she was clearly hit by the travel bug. These days she loves to explore alone, and has picked up quite a few savvy rules of the road along the way. Today, she’s sharing her best travel […]

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Ship docked in Bermuda

The Best Luxury Cruise Apps for Boomers

Luxury Cruise Apps for Boomers Updated: 09.01.2018 Since November 2013, we’ve been sharing our recommendations for best luxury cruise apps for boomers. This is the most recent update that includes eliminating apps that are no longer published, plus we introduce you to our latest finds. If you’re an app user who’s also a luxury cruiser, […]

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Nalychevo Nature Park

3 Earth Friendly Travel Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

How much thought do you give to the environmental impact of your travels? Today, I’m sharing three earth friendly travel tips that are easy to accomplish but make a big impact if we all practice them. When Alan and I travel, the experience almost always includes spending time in a natural setting. There’s nothing better […]

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National Geographic Romantic Destinations

10 Essential Items to Take on a Romantic Getaway

Think we love to lay around and recite poetry on our romantic getaways? Think again, because although we enjoy a little love in our lives, we’d never forsake our love of active exploration. Although … even if you’re one of those pragmatic types who sneers at the ever-growing commercialization of  Valentine’s day, it’s always nice […]

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Lolo Pass

Alan’s Tips for Making a Do It Yourself Winter Driving Kit

Updated 11.01.2019:  We’re all accustomed to seeing Alan’s amazing travel photos, but rarely do we hear from the man behind the lens. In fact, very few readers realize that Alan is a travel planning machine who thrives on the challenges of off-the-beaten-path travel. We’ve already spoken about winter travel and the hurdles that come with […]

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Scratch-off Map

Travel Gift Guide for Grandkids

Updated 12.01.2019:  Shopping is stressful enough when you’re looking for travel gifts for adults, but choosing cool items for the grandkids is always a bit of a challenge. If you are looking for some great gift ideas for that traveling tot in your family or simply want to inspire a young adult with the love […]

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Grinnell Lake

Active Travel Packing Tips

In my baby boomer opinion, travel is much more fun when you arrive well prepared. There’s nothing worse than beginning a fun boomer travel adventure only to discover that you left something important at home—like those special gloves to keep your fingers toasty warm. Updated 12.01.2018: Active Travel Packing Tips Traveling prepared makes a huge […]

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Coloring Supplies to Pack for Your Next Trip

During downtime on a trip, long flights or airport delays, do you grab a Kindle and start reading? I do, too. But sometimes I need a change of pace. That’s when I pick up my coloring supplies. There’s something so relaxing about losing myself—and the stress—in the art of putting color onto paper. And you […]

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Questions to ask before you go traveling in Europe.

Eleven Questions to Ask Before Traveling to Europe

Are you considering traveling to Europe? Spring and fall are wonderful seasons to experience, Italy, Spain or your favorite European country. Although the weather is not as consistently good, you’ll avoid the summer throngs of tourists. And that’s a good thing. Alan and I are big believers in planning ahead. So ask yourself these questions […]

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