Choose a Jeep Jamboree for your next land cruise

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Are you an off-road enthusiast? Does the challenge of negotiating a 4X4 vehicle over slick rock or crossing through a river get your baby boomer motor running? If you’re a Jeep owner, consider signing up for one of Jeep Jamboree USA’s off-road adventure outings. A combination driving adventure, social experience and scenic trek, these off-road trips offer fun and adventure for every level of 4X4 driver.

Jeeps circle up at Canyon de Chelly
Jeeps circle up at Canyon de Chelly

Alan introduced me to this form of cruising on land when he signed up for a Jeep Jamboree at Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. Rated an easy 1 – 5, the trails proved to be just the right amount of 4-wheeling for a beginner like me. Our two days of driving through the canyon, accompanied by a Navajo guide, involved stops to explore petroyglyphs and cliff dwellings as we crossed in and out of the canyon’s wet washes. The jamboree’s fee included entry into the canyon, Navajo guides, box lunches and dinners in Chinle.

For a different experience, we tried the Ouray Jamboree where our Jeep Rubicon climbed on a Colorado four-wheel-drive adventure through the San Juan mountains along rocky paths, passing old mining sites and ghost towns. The trails, rated 3 – 7, took us through spectacular scenery in Colorado Alpine country. The fee included catered breakfasts and dinners in Ouray at the town meeting hall.

Jeeps gather at Cinnamon Pass in the San Juan's of Colorado
Jeeps gather at Cinnamon Pass in the San Juan

But don’t think that Jeep Jamborees are just for those 4X4 drivers living in the western United States. From Maine to Texas to French Lick, Indiana, there’s a jamboree convenient to you. Each one is different. Some provide meals and are located close to lodging, others require camping and a bit more roughing it. Die-hards, like Alan, go for the Moab, Utah event with tough trails that crawl up and over the steep slick rock.

Jeep Jamborees have taken us to outdoor locations full of scenery, history and adventure. Sharing the day’s stories over dinner at the end of a jeep run has led to many new friendships. This activity also makes a good bonding experience for grandparents with older grandchildren (they need to be old enough to handle riding in a bouncing vehicle for most of the day.)

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