Scenes from the Sea: Crossing the Atlantic Week 2

The second week of cruising from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale has been mostly about Spain as we cruise from Barcelona to Funchal, Maderia, and beyond. Ports (several of them are repeats for us) have included Valencia, Cartagena, Malaga, Gibraltar and Funchal. Sail along with us in this photo essay of highlights from crossing the Atlantic Week 2.

Exploring Cartagena, Spain

We took a delightful walk in Cartagena, Spain

We explored Cartagena, Spain, on our own. Shops lined the limestone-paved streets with remnants of Roman history located in the heart of the city, including an amphitheater.

Silver Spirit in Cartagena, Spain

Coming home to Silver Spirit is always fun

Seeing our Silver Spirit home waiting for us in the harbor is always a welcome site.

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Dining at Hot Rocks on Silver Spirit

Cook your own meal at Hot Rocks on Silver Spirit

One of the dining highlights on this cruise has been Hot Rocks, an outdoor dining venue where guests cook their own meal on heated lava rocks. It’s so much fun!

Malaga from the balcony of Silver Spirit

The view of Malaga from our Silver Spirit balcony

The medieval ramparts of Malaga are scattered across the hillside in a view from our balcony. The buildings are illuminated at night, making for a magical late evening departure as Silver Spirit sailed for Gibraltar.

Breakfast with a Funchal view

Breakfast with a view of Funchal, Madeira

In Funchal, Madeira, we enjoyed breakfast with a view from the back deck of La Terrazza.

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Stay tuned for the third and final week of crossing the Atlantic on Silver Spirit. It’s all about life at sea.

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