Saturday’s scene: Cruising above the Arctic Circle

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Cruising the Adventfjorden is a beautiful ride!

Cruising the Adventfjorden is one reason Alan and I wanted to sail beyond the Arctic Circle with Regent Seven Seas Voyager. After a day spent hiking Plateau Mountain in Lonbyearbyen, Norway, we stood on the deck watching the mountains and glaciers of Adventfjorden as Voyager sailed toward the Arctic ice pack. Alan and I were enjoying a glass of champagne before dinner when this stunning scene attracted our attention. We couldn’t resist slipping outside into the chilly June evening to take one more photo.

Most ships that cruise the Norwegian fjords stay to a more southerly route. Our itinerary not only included the typical route, but also extended further north to Tromsoe, the Svalbard area (including cruising the Adventfjorden) and beyond. Unfortunately, Voyager never made it to the Arctic ice pack. We were within 30 minutes of our goal when a passenger required an evacuation due to a severe health emergency. So, Captain Dag Dvergastein made the only choice that he could. Voyager turned around and steamed toward a meeting with a medical evacuation helicopter. Instead of watching the Arctic ice on a mid-summer Norwegian night, we witnessed the bravery of helicopter and ship’s crew as they negotiated rough seas to airlift the patient to the nearest hospital.

The next time Alan and I find ourselves in this part of the world, we hope it’s on an  active travel adventure exploring the National Parks of Svalbard by zodiac.

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