Adventure Awaits in Alaska’s Denali Park

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For anyone looking for a national park adventure, there’s simply no better place to experience  it than Denali National Park. From expansive views of breathtaking Alaska landscape to local wildlife, Denali is really something unique.

Today’s guest poster, photographer Dennis Calhoun, visually brings us one step into Alaska’s incredible Denali National Park with his incredible photographs.

Denali National Park
Denali National Park

Listen up baby boomers; adventure awaits in Alaska! A while back I traveled to Denali National Park to see the mountain and the wildlife in the surrounding part of the park. It is one of the most interesting and exciting places I have ever seen. I traveled in the Autumn season, during August, and the terrain around Denali (the native’s name for Mount McKinley) was on fire with bright red color.

After you arrive and check in at your hotel, sign up for the bus tour of the park. It’s the only way to see Denali up close. The bus will stop for all wildlife! You will be immersed in one of the most stunning places that you can possibly imagine.

Alaskan Mountain Sheep
Alaskan Mountain Sheep

The Dall sheep stood out in white against the green and red background color. A grizzly bear searched for food on the valley floor below us. Along the road, a wolf slowly crept from the undergrowth and looked at us! We were also lucky enough to be in the vicinity of some lovely caribou. I watched as moose ate from the small trees and bushes they could reach.

Alaskan Caribou
Alaskan Caribou

At the end of the drive, we stopped to view an awesome sight – Denali. Immediately, you are dwarfed by the immense mountain range and the incredible peaks known as Denali. On a great day, like we experienced, the clouds are moving and the entire mountain can be seen in all its glory! The snow-covered mountains are so white in the sunlight that a camera struggles to capture that which your eyes are witnessing. The glowing red valley and the green and brownish low hills lead right to the stark white mountain. If you ever shed a tear for the sheer beauty of our planet, this is the place.

Heading to Anchorage
Heading to Anchorage by Train

I chose to ride the glass-domed train from Denali back to Anchorage. This method of travel back is recommended as it is both relaxing and beautiful. There is a full-service dining car and the food is good. You can enjoy a view of Alaska away from the coast as you travel. Photography platforms are present for those who enjoy taking photos of the rivers and valleys you will pass.

Of course, Alaska offers all sorts of opportunities for incredible excursions such as cruising the coastal parts of Alaska and taking a whale watching boat tour. Granted, these are wonderful experiences, but, please do not miss Denali Park. It is a sight that you will never forget.

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