Cruising to El Brujo Glacier

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We cruised to El Brujo Glacier as part of an extended cruise to Antarctica. This beautiful site certainly whet our appetites for what was to come.

El Brujo Glacier in Chile has especially blue ice. It was our Christmas morning view aboard Seabourn Quest. What a travel scene!
The ice of El Brujo Glacier is especially blue.

Want to make your holiday cruise a white one (or blue in this case)? Choose an itinerary that visits a glacier. When Alan and I sailed in South America on Seabourn Quest, Christmas Day began with a 6:00 a.m. wakeup call to see the icy toe of El Brujo Glacier in the Chilean Fjords.

Seabourn guests wait to photograph El Brujo Glacier in Chile. It's part of the travel fun on a cruise through the Chilean fjords.
Seabourn guests wait for the real show to begin.

We dress in parkas that Seabourn provides to all guests before heading out to Deck 6 on the bow of the ship. Fog and waterfalls add the visual interest as Quest makes her way up the Asia Fjord toward El Brujo.

Cruising to El Brujo Glacier on a Seabourn Quest cruise in Chile. If you travel to explore, add El Brujo to your list.
Is El Brujo around the next bend in Asia Fjord?

The Quest glides quietly through the fjord as low clouds hamper visibility but offer a moody accompaniment to the scene.  I’m always amazed at the silent journeys a ship can make.

Cruising up Asia Fjord in Chile toward El Brujo Glacier on a Seabourn Quest cruise.
The ride is beautiful.

Bergy bits dot the waters of Asia Fjord as the Quest approaches El Brujo. It’s as if nature decorated her world for the occasion.

Photographing the scenery is part of the travel fun on a cruise to El Brujo Glacier.

Alan takes a photo in Asia Fjord.

Photography in the misty rain is challenging. Alan and I find an overhang so that we quickly pop out to the rail for photos then hurry back before our lenses spot with water.

El Brujo glacier in the Chilean Fjords is part of the travel itinerary on a Seabourn Quest cruise in South America.
El Brujo appears.

And then the blue ice of El Brujo appears. Shouldn’t Elvis Presley’s, “Blue, Blue Christmas” be playing? Thankfully that’s not the case.

The glacier flows from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field located in Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the largest protected area in Chile. To visit remote El Brujo, you’ll need to book a multi-day expedition cruise from Punta Arenas or enjoy a South America sailing that includes El Brujo on the itinerary. According to Cruise Compete, Seabourn Quest is currently the only cruise ship visiting the glacier.

A zodiac explores the waters of Asia Fjord near El Brujo glacier in Chile. What a travel experience!
The expedition staff goes exploring.

One of the reasons that Alan and I chose this itinerary was the time that Seabourn Quest spent in the fjords of Chile. Of course it whet our appetite for more boomer travel adventures in the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina.

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