Floating With Icebergs in LeConte Bay

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Visitors to Alaska will find plenty of opportunities to observe icebergs and glaciers, like a ride by to Hubbard Glacier. But why watch them from the deck of a large ship when you can experience an up close adventure?

That’s what Alan and I did on an Alaska cruise excursion in LeConte Bay with UnCruise. Actually, we traveled with the cruise company when they were known as American Safari Cruises. While the name may have changed, it’s still the same quality cruise experience.

As LeConte Glacier melts and calves, icebergs float into the bayLeConte Bay, filling the waters with a beautiful assortment of ice that nature has sculpted into bizarre shapes and sizes. There really are no words to describe the scene as our skiff motored in and out of this maze of icebergs.

Before scrolling through the photo essay, stop for a moment to view the video. It truly gives you a first-hand feel of the experience.

The small, motorized raft crept as close to the icebergs as safely possible. And photographers were given ample opportunity to capture the bergs from all angles.

Not a photographer? It’s still an amazing experience.

Blue iceberg on an active cruise excursion in LeConte Bay, Southeast Alaska

Capturing the iceberg’s blue reflection in the water was a special treat. And LeConte Bay, located in southeast Alaska, didn’t disappoint us.

Iceberg floats in LeConte Bay, Alaska

In this closeup view, the blue glacial ice seems to be surrounded by white ice. The sunny day helped emphasize the blue-colored ice.

Layers of iceberg in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Nearing one large piece of ice, we could hear “drip, drip, drip” as the water melted from the iceberg’s tip.

Iceberg balances in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Nature is the artist of this glacial balancing act. And she certainly has an imagination if the various sizes and shapes of the bergs are any indication.

Iceberg floating in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Not only were the icebergs amazingly beautiful, but the landscape surrounding us had a claim on us, too. Nature seemed to compete with itself in this grand Alaska view.

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Disclosure: The Un-Cruise company (previously American Safari and InnerSea Discoveries) provided this travel experience, but the opinions are our own.

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