Saturday’s scene: floatplane adventure


Floatplane in Yes Bay, Alaska

Is an Alaska floatplane ride on your active boomer travel list? Alan and I have experienced a floatplane ride twice during our Alaska travels and hope there will be many more such adventures. The first was on an oh-so-misty day during a Regent Mariner cruise excursion that gave true meaning to the name Misty Fjords. Alan took the photo that you see in this post during our second floatplane adventure when we explored southeast Alaska with InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises. We had motored over from Safari Quest by skiff to the dock at Yes Bay Lodge. Here we met our Misty Fjords ride for something that most visitors will never experience—a bright sunny ride over Misty Fjords National Monument.

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This experience was provided by InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises.


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