A Most Beautiful Hike to Grinnell Lake in Glacier National Park

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If you’re looking for an easy day hike in Glacier National Park, look no further than the Grinnell Lake hike. This beautiful 6.8 mile round-trip-trail makes an excellent recovery-day-hike when visiting the Many Glacier area. Basically a walk in the woods (if you choose the south shore option), the trail to Grinnell Lake also passes by Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes.

Named after George Bird Grinnell, Audubon Society founder, the lake’s turquoise waters are the result of glacial silt. On a sunny day, it’s a gorgeous sight, making the hiking effort more than worth it.

During Grinnell’s 1885 visit, the scenery inspired him to dedicate the next two decades of his life lobbying to establish the area as a national park. What affect will a visit have on you?

Need to gear up for a day hike? Be sure to scroll to the end of this article for my favorite day hiking gear.

Tips for a Grinnell Lake Hike

Glacier-green water is surrounded by mountains and glaciers on a Grinnel Lake hike in Glacier National Park
The Grinnell Lake hike is one of the most beautiful trails in Glacier National Park.

Most hikers visiting the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park in Montana come to experience the Grinnell Glacier Trail or trek to Iceberg Lake. After all, Many Glacier has access to some of the best hikes in Glacier National Park (in my opinion).

But the Grinnell Lake hike offers a beautiful experience, too, especially if you’re looking for a less strenuous Glacier National Park hike. You’ll still catch a glimpse of a glacier, although it’s Salamander rather than Grinnell. And there are two options for getting there—the easy way via the Glacier Park Boat Company—or the hard way hiking the entire journey (6.8 miles) on your own two feet.

Hiking the south shore trail to Grinnell Lake

Of course Alan and I chose the hard way to reach Grinnell Lake as part of a Glacier National Park Hiking Program with Road Scholar. Accompanied by guides, Lori and Stephanie, we left Many Glacier Hotel (read our Many Glacier Hotel review here) on a morning hike that accessed the trail to Grinnell Lake on the south shore of Swiftcurrent Lake.

For the first mile or so of the hike, we shared the trail with horses, which meant watching closely where we stepped. Next time, I’d choose an alternative to this portion of the trail (and there are several).

Salamander Glacier reflects into the blue water of Swiftcurrent Lake.
Salamander Glacier reflects into Swiftcurrent Lake.

Once the horse trail veered away from our path, the hike to Grinnell Lake became an enjoyable, mostly level, walk in the woods. The trail follows the south shores of two subalpine lakes—Swiftcurrent and Josephine—with several opportunities to step off-trail for taking photos of glacier-fed waters.

On one portion of the trail, as we walked single-file along a slightly muddy path enclosed by trees, a “shh-shh” passed down the line of hikers. 

What did those ahead of us see? Two moose eating a breakfast of shrubs and tree leaves.

By the time it was my turn to observe, the moose had moved deeper into the forest and were only slightly visible, but I could hear them chomping away. Moose are loud eaters!

The Grinnell Lake trail is known for its wildlife sightings, including grizzly bears, moose and bighorn sheep. Park guidelines recommend keeping at least 100 yards away from large wildlife for your safety and theirs. Carry bear spray. Our tour guides both had canisters, just in case.

Waterfalls flow into the glacier green waters of Grinnell Lake.
Not a bad lunch view, eh?

The trail becomes busy near the boat dock closest to Grinnell Lake. If you arrive at the same time as the boat, you’ll be joined by those who chose the easy way to Grinnell Lake. However walking across the cable bridge that crosses Cataract Creek is a bouncy journey that everyone must take to reach the lake.

A short side trail to Hidden Falls is also located near the suspension bridge for those wanting to add more adventure to their day on the trail. It’s a short hike (about 1/10th of a mile) to an overlook where you can see the 40 ft. waterfall gush through a rocky gash in the forest.

Boomer Travel Tip

I highly recommend this waterproof hiking guide: Day Hikes of Glacier National Park Map Guide.

Take a lunch break at Grinnell Lake

Trees border Lake Josephine, with mountains in the distance and a blue sky decorated in white clouds.
Looking back at Lake Josephine.

When our group arrived at the lake’s rocky beach, frigid winds whipped off Grinnell and Salamander glaciers making for a slight chop in the water. On this September day, it was too cold to go wading, but it’s a popular summer activity. Be prepared for cold water!

The wind forced us to take shelter on a couple of logs behind a screen of vegetation. It was still a beautiful spot to enjoy the sack lunch that had been provided by Many Glacier Hotel and Road Scholar.

For those looking for more solitude, be patient. The boat hikers usually stay a few minutes and then leave. Then the quietness quickly returns.

Boomer Travel Tip

Visiting Glacier National Park will be complicated in 2024. Between May 24 and September 8, 2024, you will need a vehicle reservation to drive Going to the Sun Road from the West side or visit the North Fork (Bowman Lake). In addition, from July 1 through September 8, 2024, a vehicle reservation will be required to drive to Many Glacier. Apply here.

Choose the north shore for the hike back to Many Glacier Hotel

The historic Many Glacier Hotel sits at the edge of Switfcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park.
Many Glacier Hotel as seen from the trail.

On the return hike, our group crossed a bridge at the end of Josephine Lake to hike on the north side of both lakes. This more open terrain offered sunlight and good views of the lakes although we were walking with the sun shining into our faces—the wrong direction for good photography.

For better photography, and to avoid hiking with the sun in your eyes, start this hike in the morning on the north side of the lake and return on the south side.

As we moved down the trail, one of the Road Scholar lectures from earlier in the trip came to life for us. Researchers have placed patches of barbed wire on trees so that when grizzlies scratch against the wire, fur is collected to use for DNA testing. This helps determine the family relationships and movement patterns of grizzlies in the area.

Stephanie stopped at a tree to point out one of the barbed wire collection sites. Yes, there were small strands of grizzly fur on the ends of the wire. Later, we passed a research assistant collecting the hair to take back for testing.

Taking the trail between Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lakes, brought us back to the south shore. In the process, the grand view of Many Glacier Hotel provided lovely photo opportunities. Curious about staying in this historic lodge? Read our review.

For those looking for one of the easiest hikes in Glacier National Park, ride part-way to Grinnell Lake by boat. Purchase a blue ticket from Glacier Boat Company that will take you across both lakes plus offer a return trip to Many Glacier Hotel. Total hiking distance: 0.9 miles each way

Hiking the Grinnell Lake trail proved to be a pleasant morning in the woods. I recommend it as a Many Glacier get-acquainted-hike. It’s also an easy hike to do on a rest day between two harder days of hiking to Grinnell Glacier and Iceberg Lake.

Try this Glacier National Park 4-day itinerary

At Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, you'll see ponds collecting water in a marshy tundra surrounded by pointy mountain ranges.
The view at Logan Pass is a Wow!

For a trip that will thrill any national park lover, especially if you enjoy staying at Glacier National Park hotels that are historic lodges, here’s a four-day itinerary that could be easily stretched into a longer trip.

  • Day one: Stay at Lake McDonald Lodge on the west side of Glacier. If there’s time, hike to Avalanche Lake or enjoy the boardwalk Trail of the Cedars.
  • Day two: Drive Going-to-the-Sun Road with a stop at Logan Pass to hike to the Hidden Lake Overlook before continuing to Many Glacier Hotel for two nights. 
  • Day three: Enjoy one of the hikes in the Many Glacier area. Grinnell Glacier or Iceberg Lake are probably the most famous, however hiking to Bullhead Lake is a moderately-easy favorite of mine that includes Redrock Falls. Boat rides are also available, which can cut down on some of the hiking mileage, but book ahead.
  • Day four: Drive Chief Mountain Highway (about two hours) for a stay at Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park. Bring a passport as you’ll be crossing into Canada. Enjoy an afternoon boat ride on the lake. 

Of course this isn’t nearly enough time to take advantage of the world-class hiking, kayaking and white water rafting available at Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes. Consider this a reconnaissance mission for your next boomer travel adventure to Montana.

Frequently asked questions about hiking to Grinnell Lake

Chairs on a deck face the lake and mountain at Many Glacier Hotel.
Relaxing on the deck of the Many Glacier Hotel is the bonus at the end of a Grinnell Lake hike.
How do I get to Grinnell Lake Trail?

Grinnell Lake is located in the Many Glacier area on the east side of Glacier National Park. It’s one of the prettiest spots in all of Montana—and the park. I recommend spending the night at Many Glacier (keep reading for more lodging suggestions).

Hikers can also drive in from St. Mary’s in East Glacier or West Glacier. However you’re looking at a very long day. And, in the busy summer season, the challenge will be finding a parking place. If the lot is full, rangers will close access to Many Glacier.

Many Glacier deserves so much more of your time considering the many hiking opportunities. Have you read about the hike to Bullhead Lake? My favorite!

You’ll find the trail to Grinnell Lake at the south end of Many Glacier Hotel near the Swiftcurrent Lake shoreline.

What do I wear when hiking to Grinnell Lake?

Layers, layers, layers. Seriously, the weather in this part of Montana is changeable. Yes, it can snow even in July and August, although rain is more likely. And much depends on the time of day that you’re setting out.

Even in warmer weather, hiking pants and long sleeve shirts are a good deterrent against insects. Check out our favorite hiking gear for boomers.

woman wearing a backpack in front of a lake with mountains behind

What should I bring on the hike?

The trail travels near subalpine lakes and through dense forest that attracts plenty of wildlife. It’s also buggy. Bringing bug repellant and bear spray is a must.

Pack a snack or lunch to enjoy as you sit on a log by the lake. And, by all means, bring your camera for photographing one of the most scenic trails in Glacier National Park.

Will you need hiking poles (check current prices here)? Not really. I always bring them but the trail is level enough that you really don’t need them.

When is the best time to hike to Grinnell Lake?

As boomer hikers, Alan and I prefer morning hikes when our energy level is highest. Plus there are fewer people on this moderately-used trail at the start of the day—and more wildlife. In the summer, an afternoon hike to the lake would be fun, too. But watch out for the bugs!

And the best time of year to hike the Grinnell Lake trail? June through September are the best months for this hike. But if you’re planning on using the boat shuttle for part of the journey, it may not be running in May or mid to late September, so check to see if the boats are operating.

The Many Glacier Road generally opens from late May to late September but it’s always best to check operating hours with the National Park Service.

Do I need a guide for the Grinnell Lake trail?

This trail is perfectly doable on your own. Considering the amount of wildlife, especially bears and moose, frequenting this area of Many Glacier, hiking when other people are around is a good safety measure.

Booking a ranger-led hike is an excellent option. He or she will be carrying bear spray plus know what to do if a bear or moose crosses your path. You’ll also learn much about the flora, fauna, geology and history on a guided hike.

Grinnell Lake

What are the trail highlights?

Scenery and wildlife make the Grinnell Lake trail a very special one. You’ll be walking through a dense, evergreen forest on the south shore with glimpses of two alpine lakes until reaching Grinnell Lake. There’s also a spur to Hidden Falls near Cataract Creek.

On the return trip, if you cross over Josephine lake to the north side, you’ll be hiking in more open terrain. On a sunny day, wear a hat!

Grinnell Lake is a great choice for active boomer travelers. By adding a boat ride, the hike becomes doable for those who are only capable of a short hike.

I’ve read reports of icebergs floating in the lake but that was not the case on our September visit. Known as one of the most scenic spots in Glacier National Park, you’ll definitely want to bring a charged-up camera with plenty of room on the memory card during a Grinnell Lake hike.

Where should I stay in Many Glacier?

To experience historic national park lodging, Many Glacier Hotel offers a lakeside setting that’s steeped in history. Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and Cabins provides a more budget-friendly alternative. You’ll find restaurants at both choices. Make reservations well ahead of your trip as rooms book up fast, sometimes a year in advance.

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Day Hiking Essentials Shopping List

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