Haunted Places in Helena, Montana

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Is Reeder’s Alley one of the haunted places in Helena?

From the looks of the cheery sign announcing Reeder’s Alley, boomer travelers would have no reason to expect that there are any haunted places in Helena, Montana. When Alan and I walked the streets of Reeder’s Alley and Last Chance Gulch with historian and author Ellen Baumler, we learned otherwise.

Events from Helena’s mining history are fodder for the ghost stories that you’ll find in Ellen’s book Beyond Spirit Tailings: Montana’s Mysteries, Ghosts and Haunted Places. If you’re walking in Reeder’s Alley on Halloween night, don’t be surprised to hear the canaries singing.

Sorry, that’s all I’m saying. Read Ellen’s book to learn the rest of the story.

Disclosure: This travel experience was provided by Helena Tourism Improvement District. As always, the opinions are our own.

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