Heart Thumping Travel Adventures for Baby Boomers

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This article was developed in collaboration with St. Joseph® Low Dose Aspirin. Personal opinions and thoughts within this article are my own.

Have you experienced new adventures on boomer travels that put a little love in your heart, and an enthusiasm to try it again on the next trip? Isn’t that the best?

Women smiles as she sits in a raft in front of an iceberg.
New adventures make me smile. What a fun way to experience retirement!

Since starting My Itchy Travel Feet in 2008, I’ve had the pleasure of going on several heart thumping adventures. They energize and inspire me to keep on trying new activities.

However, as we all know, boomers can’t travel if we aren’t healthy. That’s especially true for our heart health. When my dad began experiencing heart trouble in his early seventies, I watched my parents’ active travel life dwindle down to overnight getaways and eventually to no travel at all. I know that I want to continue traveling and having exhilarating experiences, so that’s why I’ve been prioritizing my heart health by regularly exercising, maintaining a heart healthy diet, and having regular check-ins with my doctor.

A healthy heart is especially important when traveling to faraway places. Before leaving on an exciting adventure, it’s important to check your overall health with your physician, and while you’re there, ask whether a daily low dose aspirin regimen would be right for you, especially if you have suffered a heart attack in the past.

St. Joseph Low Dose Aspirin

If your physician recommends a low dose aspirin, remember that St. Joseph Low Dose Aspirin is available right off the shelf at all major retailers. Visit the website and download a coupon for your next purchase. And, be sure to speak with your doctor before beginning, stopping or changing an existing aspirin regimen.

Aspirin may also help save your life when taken during a suspected heart attack so it is good to keep it on hand just in case, especially when traveling.

In the event of a suspected heart attack, immediately call 9-1-1 and chew or crush and swallow aspirin as directed by a doctor.

So now that we’ve talked about the importance of protecting our heart, let’s talk heart thumping travel adventures! What excites and inspires me might not be the same for you. That’s why I’m giving you a choice. Take a look at these active travel adventures. You’re sure to find one that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

Cruising to Antarctica

Penguins on the rocks in Antarctica
My first view of penguins in Antarctica.

The moment I looked out on deck to see the Antarctica peninsula, I knew this would be a trip of a lifetime. Stepping onto land in Antarctica for the first time at Half Moon Island sealed the deal. Penguins hopped and slid across the frozen whiteness, oblivious to my presence as my heart leaped with joy at the scene.

Arriving in Antarctica is a thrill like no other. While cruising across the Drake Passage can be stomach churning, the journey is worth it. Boomer travelers to the great white continent explore by zodiac, kayak in protected bays, hike along frozen trails and marvel at the setting sun on a cruise through Neumayer Channel.

Learning to stand up paddleboard

Woman sits on a paddleboard in the ocean
Sitting on a paddleboard is just fine with me.

As the sun rose over Maui, I slowly wobbled up from a kneeling position on the paddleboard, following the instructor’s commands. After about a minute, my legs trembled violently. I sat down quickly. After several similar attempts, it became apparent to me that this was the best I would accomplish on my first paddleboarding attempt.

For the rest of the lesson, I maneuvered the board from a seated position and thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness of a Hawaiian morning. My point? Trying a new adventure may not always be successful. But you can learn and enjoy from it.

If your next trip offers an opportunity to learn paddleboarding, I urge you to go for it!

Hiking on glaciers

Three people walking towards a glacier
I could have walked on and on.

I stepped off the inflatable boat in Alaska to land that nature had reclaimed from a receding Baird Glacier. Thick moss felt spongy underneath my feet. After jumping a rivulet of water, I took a step up to actually stand on the icy surface of the glacier and kept on walking. A mesmerizing white river of ice continued for as far as I could see.

Hiking on glaciers sounds like an adventure for athletes; but it’s not. Some of the best destinations for glacier hiking include New Zealand, Alaska, and Switzerland. Many cruises offer the experience especially expedition cruises. Not every route is as easy as arriving by zodiac, so make your choice according to your abilities.

Swimming with Stingrays

A guide holds a stingray as a woman pets it
This stingray wanted to be petted.

I stood in chest-deep water in the Moorea lagoon. Stingrays fluttered around my legs causing me to giggle. One approached my chest looking for a handout. The guide fed the stingray as I petted its slippery surface. Swimming with stingrays is an exhilarating, yet peaceful adventure that makes me smile.

Every time my husband, Alan, and I cruise to the South Pacific, we swim with stingrays in Moorea and Bora Bora. You’ll also find several opportunities in the Caribbean. This is another easy adventure that most baby boomers can do. It will make you smile, too.

Have I inspired your next heart thumping travel adventure? Put a little love in your heart with a new experience that provides enthusiasm, optimism and inspiration to try it again.


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