Mont Tremblant Summer Must-Do’s

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Baby boomers, have you considered a summer trip to Quebec’s Mont Tremblant? In today’s guest post, Natalie Lapointe shares her must do’s for outdoor adventure that’s wrapped in Canadian mountain scenery with a blues festival thrown in for fun.


Mont-Tremblant, or the “Trembling Mountain”, as the Algonquin Natives called it, is Quebec’s number one ski attraction in the winter months. The summit is 875 meters, making it one of the tallest peaks of the Laurentian Mountains.

In the summer time, though, baby boomers will find a gorgeous area with sport and artistic attractions galore. After a day spent outside exploring mountains, lakes, and rivers, boomers will enjoy nights filled with wonderful live music, spectacular festivals, fine food and excellent wine.

For the adventurous baby boomer, there are thrilling times to be had in the Parc Nacional du Mont-Tremblant, the second largest National Park in the Province of Quebec. Swim, cycle, hike, canoe, camp, fish or backpack amongst six rivers, and 400 lakes and streams in the park’s pristine environment. And don’t miss the network of over 82K of hiking trails and 62K of biking trails through beautiful forestland.

Those boomers who have earned a bit of relaxation time can wave a fond farewell to the adrenaline junkies in the morning, before spending a day of meandering about at their own pace. Perhaps it’s time to soak up some rays or even nap on a lounge chair by the side of a heated swimming pool.

The park has two life guard supervised swimming beaches: Cremailliere in the La Diable sector, and Lac-Provost in the La Pimbina, open from Mid-June to late August. Here you will find picnic sites so picturesque as to take the breath away. This is just the spot to eat a leisurely lunch and finish that novel while the grand-kids enjoy an afternoon’s safe splash-about or have a go at the nearby playgrounds.


Be sure to save some energy, if you’re fortunate enough to be in the Mount-Tremblant vicinity during the dates of July 9 to July 18. There will be enough jumping, dancing, shouting and groove time to exhaust even the most exuberant of boomers at The Tremblant International Blues Festival.

The huge event takes place in the middle of Tremblant’s pedestrian-only village, nestled in the midst of lakes and mountains. Witness over 150 musical performances; all will play the blues with the heart and soul of world-class performers.

Can a better vacation be thought of this year? Breathtaking mountains, cool blue water in all its variations, a friendly warm sun, all the adventure you can handle (or avoid), and a historic convergence of the best blues on the planet.

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