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Traveling on a Montana vacation? Start with our Montana Travel Planner.

Updated 06.18.2018. There’s so much to see and do in the sprawling state of Montana. With lots of active boomer travel options, our Montana Travel Planner shows you where to go, what to do and, of course, what to bring on a Montana vacation. Alan and I begin at our favorite online Montana travel resources, followed by checking out guidebooks and a browse around the Amazon store. And here’s an added bonus: we live in Montana so we know what we’re talking about! So come back often as we continue to update and verify our recommended online resources and products for you. Or subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet Weekly Broadcast to be the first to know!

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 Logan's Pass Glacier

Whether you’re planning an off-the-beaten-path road trip or a week’s vacation in Glacier National Park or Yellowstone, online travel resources equal instant information at your fingertips. But we’ve found that too much information complicates research rather than speeding it up. That’s why we’ve included only the best online resources in our Montana Travel Planner. Bookmark our favorites for your boomer trip. We’ve also included our favorite apps, too

Online Montana Travel Resources

From majestic mountains to expansive hiking trails, Montana never ceases to amaze visitors and locals alike. The best place to start making choices about your trip is at our where to go in Montana guide. We’ve shared first-hand articles for exploring Montana that include off-the-beaten-path travel, active travel ideas and even a section on Montana winter fun. Of course we can’t leave out our Glacier National Park for baby boomers information or the all-important favorite places to stay in Montana. We live here so your getting the best travel advice possible!

Montana Official State Travel site. We believe in going straight to the source for the best travel information. That’s what you’ll find at the state of Montana’s tourism website.

Glacier National Park offers all you need to know about the Crown of the Continent. And it’s the official Glacier National Park site so you’re assured of accurate and up-to-date travel information.

Yellowstone National Park is located in both Montana and Wyoming. Again, this official Yellowstone National Park site is where you want to begin your travel planning.

Apps have become a vital part of the travel experience. Check  out the list of Montana Travel Apps for planning your next boomer adventure in the Treasure State.

Montana State Parks includes travel information on the state’s 54 parks. You didn’t think that Montana was just about national parks, did you?

Montana road conditions is a must for learning about weather closures because, as you might guess, the weather is changeable in Montana. And if you’ve checked the site, you’ll be ready for those summer constructions delays or winter weather advisories.

Montana, Fish Wildlife and Parks is the site to check if your Montana trip includes hunting and fishing.

Montana Trip Books and Guides

Montana Road and Recreation Atlas

Montana Road and Recreation Atlas – if you’re road tripping in Montana, you need this atlas, which includes both paved, off-road and hiking trails. It’s the best that we’ve seen. And a big thanks to the Bitterroot National Forest ranger who clued is in about this valuable outdoor travel resource.

Montana Off the Beaten Path
Montana Off the Beaten Path®, 8th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) – This Montana resource takes you through the road less traveled to find the best in Montana secret sites and attractions.

Scenic Driving Montana

Scenic Driving Montana, 2nd (Scenic Routes & Byways) – For any road tripper passing through Montana, this book is a must. Great detailed and up-to-date information on the best scenic driving routes throughout Montana.

Montana: Portrait of a State

Montana: Portrait of a State – For image inspiration, this book can’t be beat. It contains over 100 colorful photographs by Salvatore Vasapolli showing the most spectacular scenery and places in the state of Montana.

The Best of Glacier National Park
The Best of Glacier National Park– An in-depth guide from seasonal naturalist, Alan Leftridge detailing the best ways to experience Glacier National Park. From the best photo sites to informative information on day hikes, this book is a must for anyone visiting Glacier National Park.

Gear for Montana Travel

HotHands hand, foot and toe warmers
Montana is a beautiful place to visit all  year round, but of course, wintertime adds a special charm to this incredible state. To be prepared for winter travel in Montana, we have a few recommendations. To start with, no experienced traveler would travel to Montana in winter time without a good supply of the ever-indispensable HotHands hand, foot and toe warmers. They come in varieties for hands, toes, feet and more. It’s your insurance against extra cold weather.

Double Layer Neck Warmer

A fleece neck warmer is also a very handy piece of winter gear. It keeps my neck warm but it’s also big enough to pull over my chin all the way up to my nose if my face is cold. Of course every winter adventurer needs a warm knit hat. And earmuffs are convenient while hiking, snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

White Ivory Thick Slouchy Knit Oversized Beanie

Are you a summer Montana traveler? Check out our favorite gear that’s easy to pack even if you’re arriving by plane.

Anti Shock Hiking Poles

Anti Shock Hiking Poles are also a good idea for new or experienced hikers. Durable and handy for any type of terrain, a good pair of hiking poles will also come in handy.  Additionally, for any type of hiking, it’s always a good idea to carry a multi-purpose tool like the Zenja 10-in-1 Multi-toolwhich includes a LED flashlight, zoom lens and 10 fold out tools.


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