Top Montana Travel Apps for Your Next Boomer Adventure

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Since July 2014, we’ve been sharing our recommendations for top Montana travel apps. This is the most recent update that includes eliminating apps that are no longer published plus we introduce you to our latest finds.

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Top Montana Travel Apps

As Alan and I can tell you, active travel in Montana is a boomer’s dream come true. From romantic lodges in the middle of beautiful scenery to mountainous and lake-laden hiking options, Big Sky Country offers a seemingly never-ending array of active travel possibilities. Of course, taking full advantage of all that Montana has to offer means efficient planning is a must.

No matter your travel style, staying organized and up-to-date is vital to a successful boomer travel adventure. Are you planning a Montana hiking trip? Nothing compliments the magnificent natural splendor of the Treasure State like an offline hiking app for route finding. And stargazing will take on a whole new meaning with the help of an app that identifies what you are seeing in Montana’s dark skies. So download these must-have travel apps to make your trip to Montana the best it can be.

Best Apps for Planning Your Trip to Montana

Will you be flying to your Montana destination? Download the Skyscanner app for researching the best flights: Skyscanner iOS App Download or Skyscanner Android App Download

Montana Travel Guide by Triposo covers Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, Helena and other destinations in the state. The app also includes information on where to eat and what to see plus booking capability. Free in the App Store and on Google Play, in-app purchases offer further enhancements. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Looking for a campsite? Camp Finder app has over 17,000 campgrounds and RV parks listed. And there are a ton of them in Montana! Information is instantly available for campsites, RV slips, cabins day-use and other sites. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Road Trippers App has the best road trip ideas, not only for Montana, but the rest of the U.S. as well. Discover and navigate to over 60,000 awesomely unique and independent places all around the U.S.A. With an extensive list of under-the-radar spots like drive-ins, quirky landmarks and hotels, film and tv sites and hidden scenic points of interest, Road Trippers has got all the information needed to make your next road trip chock full of interesting information. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Montana Department of Travel app includes detailed information for those looking to road trip through the state. The state sponsored app includes Montana travel conditions for roadways, travel alerts, construction details and more. Available for purchase at the App Store.

Montana’s weather changes by the hour. Weather Live provides meteorological data on precipitation, pressure, humidity, wind direction and visibility. The animated weather radar map lets you quickly see if weather is coming your way. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Travel Apps for Making the Most of Your Trip

Going to the Sun Road GyPSy – GPS Tour Guide plays automatically as you enjoy this most scenic drive in Glacier National Park. Listen to stories, insider tips, plus learn about what to see and do. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Discover The Best National Park Apps at our awesome review page.

Star Walk 2 Night Sky Map is your guide to viewing the Montana night sky. Explore 20,000 celestial bodies as the app follows your body movements in real time. Our state is known for its very dark skies. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Wildflowers of Montana helps you identify all of the gorgeous wildflowers you’ll see in Montana’s woods and forests. Includes descriptions and photos for over 3,300 species of plants. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Rise Sunrise Sunset Calendar: If you enjoy taking sunrise and sunset photos, you’ll want this app for your trip. Look up sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world. And you won’t need Internet connectivity to do it! Available for purchase at the App Store.

Hiking Apps for Montana Trails

Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Hike App is the perfect resource for outdoor nature lovers because it offers up-to-date topographic maps, satellite imagery, and road maps of many of our national parks. Gaia GPS offers reliable GPS information that will guide you off-the-beaten-path into lesser-explored backcountry. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Map My Hike – GPS Hiking Tracker & Trail Finder offers an in-depth and interactive hiking guide. With millions of hiking trails in its database, this app is a great tool for any hiker anywhere. Map My Hike uses built-in GPS technology to enable users to track and record hikes. Additionally, the live tracking feature lets hiking companions communicate their locations on the map in real time. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run app is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving, especially for avid outdoor enthusiasts. For those trail blazers out there or even for those first-timers, All Trails (formerly Every Trail) lets you prepare by providing trail lengths, ratings, view photos provided by other hikers, bikers and runners. It even lets you track and map your own route. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

The Hiker Alert app is an indispensable tool for any hiker of any level. The app lets users record and share vital information with friends and family as you explore the trails. If you don’t check in on time, HikerAlert will send alert messages to your emergency contacts. Works on any mobile device.

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Text on photo: Montana Travel Apps Photo: rushing river with mountains in the distance

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