Hiking Cascade Head on the Oregon Coast

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Hike Cascade Head on National Get Outdoors Day

Alan and I look forward to including outdoor activities in our boomer travel plans. In fact, most of our trips are filled with activities of the outdoor kind.

This photo is from a hike on Cascade Head north of Lincoln City, in central Oregon. Our exploration of the Cascade Head Preserve, part of Nature Conservancy land, was included in Alan’s one-on-one photography workshop with Marc Adamus.

The muddy trail traveled through thick, old and new-growth forest. We scrambled over fallen tree trunks, ducked under salmon berry bushes and inhaled the scent of fir needles as they were crushed beneath our hiking boots.

In the distance, the sounds of waves crashing onshore was punctuated by a sea lion’s bark. The trail eventually exited the forest onto the grassy headland.

Walking on a path bordered by shoulder-high grass and the last remnants of summer wildflowers, we soon reached a viewpoint where the Pacific Ocean shimmered a deep blue in the noon-day sun. This boomer travel experience had been worth the effort.

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