You’re Guaranteed Bucket List Experiences on a Northern Lights Cruise

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Visit Norway and Hurtigruten are sponsoring this look at cruising Norway’s coast on a winter travel adventure.

A curtain of green light undulates in the dark winter sky, and the swirling pattern fades from green to purple to blue, taking my breath away… At least, that’s how I imagine the scene on a Northern Lights cruise in Norway with Hurtigruten.

Green lights decorate the sky over a coastal village on a Northern Lights cruise.
Photo courtesy Hurtigruten.

Seeing the Northern Lights has long been on my bucket list. But traveling to far-away destinations to specifically see the shimmering scene is an expensive gamble. Maybe the lights will appear, maybe they won’t. I wonder if there’s a way to guarantee this natural phenomenon?

Best way to see the Aurora Borealis

Did you know that northern Norway is a prime spot for viewing the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Light’s scientific name? Sitting under the Aurora Oval, Norwegian skies light up as the colorful spectrum dances through the long, dark nights of an Arctic winter.

How do the Northern Lights form? The spectacle begins when the sun’s solar winds send a surge of electronically charged particles toward the earth. Entering our atmosphere, the particles, electrons, and protons collide with gases creating nature’s light show.

Man in a red jacket, woman in a green jacked standing on a ship's deck to see the green northern lights.
Photo courtesy Hurtigruten.

In my mind’s-eye, I’m standing on the deck of a cruise ship as it travels along the Norwegian coast to take in the spectacular experience; lucky for me, Hurtigruten offers 12-day coastal voyages specifically to see the Northern Lights.

A Northern Lights Cruise that comes with a guarantee

Offered between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019—winter comes early and lasts late in northern Norway—Hurtigruten guarantees a Northern Lights sighting. And if the Aurora doesn’t appear? You’ll receive a 6- or 7-day cruise, completely free of charge!

Green lights swirl in the sky near a ship.
Photo courtesy Hurtigruten.

With Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Promise, my travel budget won’t take a hit if I don’t see the lights. Of course, I’ll be bummed but knowing that I’ll receive another cruise free of charge makes it completely worthwhile. Plus, look at all of the fun cruise adventures I can have while on board!

Experience winter adventure in Norway

With 90 excursions offered, active travelers won’t run out of things to do. How does reindeer sledding sound to you? Or what about hiking, snowmobiling, dog sledding, or even embarking on a Northern Lights safari? You’ll have ample opportunity to try these optional excursions.

Green lights shine overhead, illuminating a whale's tale as it slides into the ocean.
Photo courtesy Hurtigruten.

And, I’m sure our cameras will get a workout with all the time that Alan and I will spend on deck capturing the scenery, wildlife, and hopefully the Aurora Borealis. Of course, we’ll probably learn photography tricks from one of the onboard lectures given by the informative expedition team members.

Speaking of expert lectures, a Hurtigruten Norway cruise definitely qualifies as a journey of learning and discovery. When we aren’t on deck gazing out at the gorgeous scenery, or on land exploring, Alan and I can attend talks on nature, life in Norway, or the science of the Northern Lights.

And visiting small villages and off-the-beaten-path fjords, Hurtigruten will show us a part of Norway that other cruise lines simply don’t visit. Combined with the Norwegian food that’s served onboard, a Hurtigruten cruise provides an authentic immersion into Norwegian culture.

Beautiful scenes to photograph? Plenty of exciting travel adventures? Authentic cultural experiences? Where do we sign up?

Book now through September 30, 2018 to save $250 per person on the cruise fare.

Disclosure: Visit Norway and Hurtigruten have sponsored this article. All opinions and dreams of seeing the Northern Lights are my own.

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