Going Off the Beaten Path in Singapore

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While cruising around the world, it’s always a good idea to get off the boat and explore the ports. Even though it may be hard to tear yourself away from the fabulous offerings found on the ship, a long walk around a new destination can be invigorating. Popular cruise stops like Singapore offer endless things to do and see, but if you’re just looking to stretch your legs on solid ground, the bustling city has some really beautiful gardens tucked away behind its gleaming buildings. Today, guest contributor Len Cristobal is here to tell us about the best places to visit for long walks while going off-the-beaten-path in Singapore.

Off the Beaten Path in Singapore

Half of my expectations about Singapore came to life the moment I arrived in its airport. Changi International Airport, consistently regarded as the world’s best airport, screams elegance and vigor. It blends technology and nature with efficiency and style.

Singapore wears its best suit any time of the day. Whether under a weeping sun or the growling rain, this country remains intact, thriving, and in order. There is a hive of activity on every corner especially in the popular sites for tourists. Despite the images of steel, flashing lights, and fast trains shaping our impression of it, Singapore is busy but welcoming. Contemporary yet picturesque in many places, like the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, and Marina Bay Sands.

I thought the pictures I saw online before the trip were enough to paint Singapore for me. I was prepared for a predictable trip, and predictability isn’t always a bad thing. But as I hopped from one tourist spot to another, I never expected to find quiet gems a few steps from the major roads and attractions in the commercial area of Singapore.

Active Travel in Singapore

One of these gems is the Queen Elizabeth Walk. I was crossing the Anderson Bridge along the Fullerton Road when I saw this promenade on my right. It is a long stretch with a row of trees on one side and the Singapore River on the other.

a white metal bridge spanning over a large river
The Anderson Bridge is the prime spot to take in the views of the city’s architectural landmark, the Fullerton Hotel.

From the bench, I could see the exquisite architecture of Fullerton Hotel behind the Anderson Bridge. This serene promenade is a part of the iconic Esplanade Park, perhaps its quietest and loveliest spot. Some travelers go to this area to take photos, but it is a nice surprise way to see some of the most important sites.

If you’re inspired to find some more walking routes around the city, check out this resource highlighting some of the Singapore’s Monument Trail, which starts at the Singapore River and ends at the War Memorial Park. It really is a wonderful to see some of the city’s historic landmarks.

The stretch from Singapore Flyer to Helix Bridge

After riding the city’s giant Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, my next destination was the Flower Dome. This was how I figured out that my favorite walking space in Singapore is the stretch that starts in front of the Singapore Flyer—facing the Marina Bay—and leads to the Helix Bridge.

a domed building behind a large body of water
A mix of blues and greens in the view from the stretch in front of the Singapore Flyer

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It was a hot afternoon. My throat was dry and my neck was perspiring. But when I started walking, the breeze also began combing my hair gently. I had the trail all to myself. While savoring the scenery, I was able to relax quite a bit, another reason that proves that strolling around new destinations can offer a lot more than rushing from site to site until you’re completely worn out.

Just Outside the Flower Dome

a domed glass building behind a large park
A surprise pocket garden a little outside the Flower Dome

Situated on Marina Gardens Drive, the Flower Dome is one of the most crammed destinations in Singapore, but it is a surprisingly grand spectacle for nature lovers.

field of pink flowers
Beauty in different shades of pink

While moving farther from the dome looking for the nearest MRT station, I was delighted to see more flowers along the way. Their crowns bloom in dark and soft hues of pink above the wave of emerald bushes. The flowers appear striking and delicate at the same time. There were people passing by in the area, but it was not as busy as the paths leading to the Flower Dome and the dome itself. It is the perfect escape from the crowds and queues. The scene will urge you to literally stop and smell the flowers.

Singapore is the dream metropolitan destination to visit. The long walks will remind its visitors that getting off the beaten path creates the kind of experiences that create unforgettable experiences.

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