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pink-chloe-okab-shoesIs there a trip to the beach in your baby boomer travel future? You’ll need a comfortable pair of sandals, right? OKA b., Shoes That Love You, offers comfort and fashion wrapped up in a reflexology-inspired design that both men and women boomers will appreciate.

Manufactured near Atlanta, Georgia (my hometown), the antimicrobial, odor-free shoes are dishwasher safe if placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. And, customers may send their well–loved shoes to OKA b. corporate headquarters for recycling, where they are ground and mixed with virgin material to create new product. How environmentally conscious is that?

The folks at OKA b. sent me a hot pink pair of Chloe thongs ($25) to try out. My baby boomer feet appreciate the Microplast® technology that provides cushion and flexible support while keeping the shoe lightweight. In fact, the sole actually massages my feet when I walk in the Chloe thongs. The one-piece construction offers stability, an important factor at this stage of my baby boomer life. The shoe is also non-slip, non-marking and the snazzy pink color won’t fade.

For my next pair of OKA b. shoes, I’ll pick the slide design or maybe even the ones with closed toes. You see, I have a hard time wearing thongs. But it’s not OKA b.’s fault. As a child, I wore flip flops on a hike in the Smoky Mountains (where was my mother?) that resulted in bad blisters between my toes. Ever since, I haven’t been able to wear thong style shoes very well.

But if you like thongs, you will love these shoes. To keep up with OKA b.’s latest styles and offers, check out Shoes That Love You page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @OKAb.

Disclosure: OKA b. provided me with a pair of shoes for review.

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