Silver&Fit: Online Exercise Classes for Seniors Who Miss Travel

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Silver&Fit is sponsoring this look at online exercise classes for seniors who miss travel.

I miss tropical cruises—the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, the feel of a tropical breeze as it caresses my skin. Swimming with stingrays!

During the last year, it hasn’t been possible to travel to tropical destinations, either on a ship or by land. However I’ve found a way to visit palm trees and ocean waves through online exercise classes for seniors (or anyone over 50) from Silver&Fit.

woman and man in water touching a stingray

 Exercise plus the sound of water lapping onto the sand? What a great combination!

If you’re like me, this last year has meant lots of sitting around. All the hours of found time to sit at the computer updating My Itchy Travel Feet have improved our website but not my body. Do you know that sitting shortens our muscles? Maybe that’s why my back and hips have been talking to me lately.

I’ve also noticed my balance has deteriorated from this sedentary lifestyle. Uh-oh. That certainly needs to be improved before summer hiking season begins. I’ll need good balance to hike safely and confidently on those uphill Montana trails.

Recognizing that I needed to do something, I started browsing online exercise classes. Silver&Fit seemed to be a good fit for my age and capabilities.

Flexibility and Balance class in Las Cabos, Mexico

After searching through the free online exercise video classes on the Silver&Fit Facebook page, I chose Susan’s International Flexibility and Balance class to start lengthening those muscles and regaining my balance. This wasn’t marked as to fitness level, but I would call it a beginner class.

Boomer tip: When in doubt, start with the easiest level exercise class. You can always move up next time.

Woman holding a water bottle, towel and belt, ready for an online exercise class

Susan’s class started with instructions on equipment needed for the class. I stopped the video, gathered up a bottle of water, bathrobe tie (because I don’t own a yoga belt), and rolled up towel. Once supplied, I hit the go arrow on the video and started the session.

Birds twittered in the background as Susan led the class from a gazebo near the ocean. I could almost feel the sea breeze!

Susan’s instructions were easy to understand and implement. I especially appreciated her modification suggestions for those of us dealing with bad backs, hips, knees or other joint issues.

I made sure to have a chair close by just in case I needed the assurance of holding on to something. As I continue to take classes, I’ll be standing on one leg, holding my knee up with hands high in the air before I know it.

Watch out steep, rocky hiking trails. I’m coming for ya!

Using Silver & Fit on a road trip

woman stretching by watching an online exercise class

As I enjoyed Susan’s class, it dawned on me that Silver & Fit online classes are perfect for road trip health. All I need is an internet connection to a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer to access the classes on Facebook or YouTube.

A yoga or flexibility class is the perfect way to work out the damaging effects of sitting too long in the car. No matter how much Alan and I promise each other that we’ll get out every couple of hours to move around, the lure of the day’s destination keeps us heading down the road rather than getting out and exercising.

On our next road adventure, I’ll choose a low-key stretching class, or even tai chi, as a relaxing end to a fun day on the road. And a gentle, quieter type class won’t disturb hotel guests on the floor beneath me the way the heavy footfall from an aerobics class might.

Take Silver&Fit to your vacation home rental

For those considering renting a vacation home this spring or summer, accessing Silver&Fit online classes means your exercise routine won’t be interrupted. I’m always frustrated when I’ve made progress in my stamina, strength and flexibility, only to slide backwards during a trip. With Silver&Fit, I’ll no longer have that excuse.

I can begin my day with yoga or include a couple of strength training sessions to round out my fitness routine. On rainy days (the weather isn’t always perfect), I’ll substitute an aerobics class for my usual brisk, morning walk.

If your vacation home or condo has a smart TV, watch Silver&Fit from the big screen; or switch on your tablet, laptop or smartphone and exercise away!

What is Silver&Fit?

Silver&Fit streams 54 online exercise classes for older adults (9 per day/6 days per week) to Facebook and YouTube. The large selection of class choices, from aerobics to tai chi, are geared for adults over 50 and include a selection of beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

No worries if you can’t join the live class (although it’s fun to exercise in a live session). There are classes always available so choose the time that works best for you.

By liking the Facebook page, live classes show up in your news feed. What a great reminder to get up and exercise. And it’s fun to read comments from other folks taking the class.

While 2020 wasn’t a fun year for travel, with the help of Silver&Fit online exercise classes, we can all be ready to hike, road trip and explore in 2021.

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