What Puts the Boom in Your Step?

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Learn the facts about the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine. #boomer #health
Taking a selfie in Antarctica definitely put the boom in our step.

The boom in my boomer life comes from two loves—Alan and travel. When it comes to travel, I don’t mean the type of experiences that our parents enjoyed—sedentary trips where most of the time is spent sitting and looking out the window from a tour bus window or from the lounge chair at a beach resort. I want to DO! And that means staying healthy.

At 58, I learned the hard way about how a health event can wreak havoc with travel plans—and the boom in my life. In this case, I was sick on a 52-day cruise that Alan and I were taking from Vancouver to Singapore. I came down with an illness two months before the cruise. My recovery was so slow that Alan started dropping hints about cancelling the cruise.

Don't let pneumococcal pneumonia ruin your trip. Talk to your doctor about the vaccine. #boomer #health
Although I was still recovering, I was determined to visit Davidson Glacier by motorized kayak when our cruise ship stopped in Skagway.

Luckily, I recovered enough to take that cruise. But there certainly wasn’t any boom in my steps during the first week or so. Although I managed to go on easy morning excursions, I rested every afternoon. And the nightly dancing that I love so much didn’t happen for several weeks. If you’re a regular reader of My Itchy Travel Feet, you KNOW how I love to dance during a cruise. That’s why I decided to be proactive and look into what else could possibly take me away from doing what I love.

When I turned 65, at a yearly physical with my doctor, we discussed the importance of vaccinations recommended by the CDC, including pneumococcal pneumonia. Did you know that pneumonia is an infection of the lungs? Pneumococcal pneumonia is the most common type of bacterial pneumonia.1 My doctor reminded me that as we age, our immune system naturally weakens. And even though I’m healthy and active, I’m still at increased risk for diseases like pneumococcal pneumonia. Of course I said yes to the vaccination.

If you’re thinking about CDC-recommended vaccinations and pneumococcal pneumonia, consult your healthcare provider and check out the resources from the recently launched All About Your Boom campaign.

Pfizer launched the All About Your Boom™ campaign to empower those 65 years and older to get a new attitude about the risks of pneumococcal pneumonia. I recommend visiting the site and checking out the cool video by Patti LaBelle. Remember her song about getting a new attitude? You’ll be educated about the risks of pneumococcal pneumonia and the importance of staying up-to-date on CDC-recommended vaccinations.

Don't miss out on boomer travel fun because of pneumococcal pneumonia. #boomer #travel #health
Don’t miss out on travel fun because of pneumococcal pneumonia. Learn what you can do to help prevent it.

Active travel inspires me to try new things—from paddle boarding in Maui (okay, I was only so-so at that experience), to hiking in Glacier National Park, to snorkeling with stingrays in Moorea. And I’m convinced that invigorating travel experiences keep me thinking young, not to mention putting the boom in my step. Of course the stamina required ensures that I take good care of my physical health, too. So I’m eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, and keeping up with the CDC vaccine recommendations for those of us over 65.

If you’ve been hesitating on getting CDC-recommended adult vaccinations—Alan, I’m looking at you—do like Patti LaBelle and Get a New Attitude. Talk to your doctor about whether vaccination is right for you plus visit AllAboutYourBoom.com.

1National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. What causes Pneumonia? https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-topics/pneumonia causes. Accessed September 27, 2017.

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