Road Trips for Boomers

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Road Trips for Boomers

Are you a boomer road tripper who loves the open road but hates the planning process? You’ve come to the right place. In our series of ebook guides, Road Trips for Boomers, Alan and I share driving directions, itineraries, activities, accommodations and dining ideas for your next road trip. We even include ideas for next time — or use them to extend your trip.

You’ll also find a resource page filled with links to online sites for each specific trip, a road trip checklist and our special brand of road trip advice.

Written by me (Donna L. Hull) and photographed by Alan, the guides are based upon our personal experience traveling these exact routes. You’ll find everything you need to follow in our footsteps.

Check back often as Alana and I add new guides to the Road Trips for Boomers series. Would you like to suggest an idea for a Road Trips for Boomers book? Please contact us. If we’ve been there and done that, we’ll write about it.

New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure
Go off-the-beaten-path in New Mexico


New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure takes readers off-the-beaten path in a remote area of New Mexico. This weekend road trip guide travels up the border between Arizona and New Mexico to Grants, NM. Along the way, discover off-the-beaten-path destinations like the Gila Wilderness, the other-worldly volcanic world at El Malpais National Monument and graffiti that ancient travelers left on the limestone cliffs of El Morro National Monument. New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure provides travel directions, a detailed itinerary, dining and accommodations suggestions plus additional ideas for extending the trip. Links to online resources are also included. You’ll find it on Amazon for $2.99.