Romancing the stars at Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

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When Alan and I last visited Mt Lemmon SkyCenter, October frosts were turning the leaves to gold as we traveled up Catalina Highway to the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory near Tucson, Arizona.

After arriving near the top of the 9,000 ft. plus mountain, we enjoyed a box dinner in the education complex while astrophotographer, Adam Block, introduced SkyNight participants to his award-winning photographs taken with the 24″ telescope.

The stargazing telescope at Mt Lemmon Sky Center. Include this experience on your visit to Tucson, Arizona.
The stargazing telescope at Mt Lemmon SkyCenter

Afterwards, we trooped outside to view the sunset. Photographers looked for a chance to capture the infamous green flash of light from the setting sun. When the sky became dark, we stood outside with star charts, locating planets and constellations.

Stargazing comes with a blazing sunset at Mt Lemmon SkyCenter in Tucson, Arizona.
Stargazing comes with a blazing sunset at Mt Lemmon SkyCenter

But the 24″ telescope was the true star of the evening. As the group settled inside the observatory, Adam rotated the telescope finding wonders from the universe to share with us. The highlight of a night on Mt Lemmon involved pressing my eye against the view finder to see for myself.

If you are visiting Tucson, be sure to book your Mt. Lemmon Sky Center experience. You won’t regret it!

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