Royal Princess Cruise from Venice to Istanbul

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Choosing the right cruise line can really make or break you next vacation on the high seas. With plenty of cruising experience under our belt, Alan and I think we have some pretty good ideas of what separates a good cruise from a bad one.

Royal Princess Cruise from Venice to Istanbul

If you’re a long time reader, then you know my preference for small ship cruising. When Princess Cruises invited me to experience the Royal Princess from Venice to Istanbul, I thought it was only fair to learn about large ship cruising.

This was one-half of a Royal Princess Mediterranean cruise. When my group stepped off the ship, another group joined for their taste of cruising Princess-style.

How did I like it? Read about my experiences to find out

Cruising on Royal Princess

Although I’m a much bigger fan of small luxury cruise ships, I decided to give the large-scale Royal Princess a try. What did I think about the experience? Read my complete review by clicking on Cruising on Royal Princess.

Exploring Ephesus

I really think that Ephesus is one of the best antiquities sites I’ve ever explored. Read why by clicking on Exploring Ephesus on a Royal Princess Cruise Excursion.

Travel Tips for Venice

Many cruises begin or end in Venice. Most will no longer enjoy the scenic city view as they depart through the canal, especially larger ships like Royal Princess. The rules for visiting this lovely Italian city are constantly changing due to effects of too many tourists and environmental issues. Guest writer, Kris Bordessa, offers insight and tips in  Travel Tips for Venice.

Looking up in Istanbul

Istanbul has to be the most visually striking city on the earth. And of course, the beautiful ceilings of the mosques are simply breathtaking. Click on Looking up in Istanbul to learn more.

Cultures Collide in Istanbul

The Hagia Sophia is one of Istanbul’s many gems. Walking inside this historic building is like walking back through centuries of history. Read more about my experience by clicking on Cultures Collide in Istanbul.

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