Saturday’s scene: Alabaster Mosque

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From its location on the summit of the Citadel, the Alabaster Mosque, or the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, dominates the Cairo skyline. In fact, it’s the landmark that boomer travelers will notice first when they visit this Egyptian city. I explored the Ottoman influenced mosque, during a small group tour with AuthentiCity Travel. After entering the Citadel gates, we walked uphill to the domed structure decorated with slender minarets. Inside, the domes give a spacious feel to the prayer hall, which is in need of restoration. The outside courtyard provides a commanding view, albeit a hazy one, of modern day Cairo.

Alabaster Mosque

Boomer travel tip: To enter a mosque, shoes must be removed and clothing should cover knees and shoulders. Women must wear a head covering such as a scarf. Authenticity Tour information had prepared me for this expectation. I wore a long skirt, which I found to be cooler than pants when touring Cairo, a top with sleeves that reached below my elbows and a scarf. For those tourists who are unaware of the requirements, Alabaster Mosque provides long robes with hoods to wear while inside the mosque.

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