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My Postcard App is the easy way to send postcards.
My Postcard is the easy way to send postcards.

My Postcard is sponsoring this article on how to create and send postcards while you are traveling.

Growing up, did you collect postcards? I remember my postcard collection. A bulletin board over the desk in my room was loaded with postcards from around the world. My cousin, Barbara, sent them to me from her work as an international flight attendant. I’d run to the mailbox each day in anticipation of a new postcard. When one arrived, I’d pin it to the bulletin board after reading Barbara’s message to me. When the bulletin board became full, the older postcards lived in a stack on my desk. There’s a good chance that my itchy travel feet began with that collection of visual travel inspiration.

When Alan and I started our world travels, we purchased post cards at every destination with the intention of sending them to family and friends. You’ll find them tucked away on the shelf in our office closet. We meant to send them but writing the note, purchasing postage, and finding a mailbox during the trip was too much of a hassle. So we vowed to send the postcards after arriving home. But that never happened, which is why family and friends didn’t receive the notes and travel inspiration that we meant to send them.

But if a photo postcard app had existed back then, the photos and messages from our trip would have reached their intended recipients. Elderly parents would have traveled vicariously through us. And, as grandchildren grew old enough, those cards would have stoked their curiosity about the world.

Save time by downloading the My Postcard App—available on Apple or Android—to your phone before leaving home.

Now that we know about the My Postcard website and photo postcard app, Alan and I can share a destination while experiencing it. It’s so easy: Pull up the app, take the photo with a phone, key in a message, post the address, then hit send. All we need is a wifi signal. The app then mails the postcard for us. There is a small charge to cover printing and postage.

An iphone screenshot of a postcard created with My Postcard.
A screenshot from my iphone of a postcard that I created. Just choose a photo, template and go.
Pick a fon, then write your message before adding an address. Click purchase at My Postcard and your travel postcard is on its way.
Pick a font, then write your message before adding an address. Click purchase and the postcard is on its way.

My Postcard App even connects to social media. So make your life really easy by posting photos to Facebook or Instagram, then choosing the ones you want to send as postcards. Easy-peasy!

Now a new generation of soon-to-be travelers will eagerly look for postcards that they can pin to their bulletin boards. Or my mom, who isn’t on social media, can keep up with what I’m seeing in Alaska or the South Pacific.

Our gift to you!

Send a postcard on us. Use the code TravelFeet at checkout and your first postcard is free!

Did you forget to send birthday wishes or holiday cards before leaving on your trip? No problem. Create greeting cards online at My Postcard as well as postcards.

Disclosure: My Postcard has sponsored this article.

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