Traveling with Scottevest

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When traveling, I’m a hands free kind of gal. In other words, I don’t like brining a purse or backpack whether I’m walking the streets of Lucca or exploring on a California road trip. Wearing a Scottevest Travel Vest for Women gives me the freedom to put my gear in the pockets and explore hands free.

Win a Scottevest Ladies Travel Vest

I was introduced to Scottevest at the TBEX12 conference in Colorado when the travel clothing company kindly gave every attendee one of their vests. To my surprise (I’ve know about Scottevest for years but thought all those pockets would make clothes bulky), the vest had a sleek, stylish design even though there were 17 pockets.

So now that I’ve worn the travel vest for women on my travels, what do I think? The large pocket that holds an iPad puts my mind at ease when going through airport security.

I take off the vest with the iPad safely zipped in the inside pocket (along with other valuables like my wallet and passport), the vest goes into the bin to be x-rayed and everything is hidden from view—unless a would-be robber knows about Scottevest clothing.

Even though the vest is constructed out of breathable material, I find it to be a bit warm in the summer. And when the iPad is zipped into the inside pocket, the vest feels a little lopsided.

Although I put items in pockets on the other side of the vest, it’s tough to get the vest balanced just right. But it’s a small price to pay for traveling hands free and especially for the reassurance that my iPad will make it through airport security without being stolen.

The vest looks great with a turtleneck—add a scarf and you’re stylin’. Want to see?

Scratch those itchy travel feet!

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