Traveling in Terrorist Times

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Traveling in terrorist times. Be safe. Be in the know. Enjoy the trip.
We’re still traveling. Are you?

Are you reconsidering your travel plans after the latest terrorist attempt to blow up a plane in the U.S.? Does the thought of air travel in a world of ever-changing rules that seem like silly knee-jerk reactions leave you dazed and confused? Will you be swapping your baby boomer overseas adventure for an American road trip?

Did the Terrorists Win?

So, here’s my baby boomer take. We definitely need the advice on how to deal with security changes in air travel. Constructive critiquing of the event that has resulted in new security regulations will point out poor policies that need changing. That’s how we do it in our country, right? Speak out. But if analyzing, complaining, criticizing, ridiculing, griping or cajoling is all we do then the terrorists will have won. Why? Because it will tear down the travel industry, as well as our country, from the inside out. Perhaps a failed attempt is what the terrorists intended. If that plane had blown up over Detroit, we would have rallied around our government and tough travel security measures, at least for a month or two. Instead, the news is filled with how inept air security appears to be, how awful the new security measures are as well as reports that generally discourage people about air travel.

Is Air Travel Dead?

It could be if you let it. Will I stop my overseas travel adventures to avoid the flying hassles? Absolutely not. The clock is ticking for this  baby boomer. I don’t know what will happen next year, or even tomorrow. Illness comes quickly to boomers, or a parent’s declining health or other life changes that might eliminate travel completely. I’m going while I can. Why? Because I want to see the world, understand the people who live in it and experience life to its fullest. More importantly, I don’t intend to let the terrorists win by changing the way I live my life.

What Can Traveler’s Do?

Deal with it. If you see me in a long airport security line waiting to fly to London or Singapore, I’ll keep the complaining to myself. I’ll check TSA regulations before my trip so that I know the rules. I’ll avoid packing items in my carry-ons that might arouse suspicion. I’ll smile when they pat me down. If I’m forced to sit in my seat the last hour of my international flight, I’ll think ahead, limit my liquid intake and use the facilities before it’s time to stay seated.

Now baby boomer travelers, it’s your turn. Do you have constructive ideas on how to maneuver through the new travel security rules? I’m not letting the terrorists end my travel fun. Are you with me? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email to ask a question or share your experience.

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