Saturday’s scene: Nature’s splendor in Upper Antelope Canyon

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Slot canyons are some of nature’s most impressive achievements. Exploring them usually requires hiking to reach the entrance, climbing skills to travel up and over chokestones plus the willingness to squeeze yourself through tiny cracks while negotiating wet spots and streams in the canyon’s floor. And backpacking will probably be required to accomplish the mission.

Upper Antelope Canyon is an exception. With easy access, this is a boomer travel experience that almost anyone can do. If you can walk, you can explore Upper Antelope Canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona

On my visit to Upper Antelope Canyon, I felt as if I was entering nature’s cathedral. The scene was just as grand as any European cathedral except nature has created this masterpiece rather than a famous architect of days gone by. Sandstone walls arch above in a majestic display of texture and color. Light slips into the canyon from overhead cracks creating a rosy glow. It’s a photographer’s dream come true and one of my favorite boomer travel memories.

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Visitors must pay a hiking and permit fee plus be accompanied by a Navajo guide on the two-hour exploration of Upper Antelope Canyon.

Unlike the narrow and sometimes steep path in Lower Antelope Canyon, access to Upper Antelope Canyon is on a wide, level trail. So, if you think that exploring Arizona slot canyons is for the hardy adventurer, think again. This doable experience is one that you don’t want to miss.

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