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Explore Beautiful Beaches and More in Hull, Massachusetts

Boston is certainly considered one of the most popular cities in the country. However, rarely do you hear of the beautiful beaches found just outside of the city. Today’s guest contributor, Cheryl Maguire, is here to take us on a lovely tour of Hull, Massachusetts, a charming, off-the-beaten-path coastal area that’s definitely worth a visit.

Hull beaches

The beaches in Hull are stunning!

Are you interested in trying a new beach destination along the East Coast? If so, you can avoid the Cape Cod bridge traffic and experience a new place by traveling to Hull, Massachusetts. Located thirty miles from Boston by car or only fifteen miles by public ferry, Hull is easily accessible, situated on the southern point of Boston Harbor. Hull is a series of islands connected by sandbars, which forms Nantasket Peninsula.

Beaches in hull, massachusetts

The expansive shoreline is fantastic for long strolls.

Besides beaches, Hull is filled with American history. The first lighthouse and the first U.S. electric railroad were both built in Hull. Lifesaving is an important aspect of Hull’s history. Joshua James is a famous lifesaver from Hull who is credited for savings over 1,000 lives from shipwrecks in the Boston Harbor and is considered the “father” of the US Coastguard.

Visit Hull Massachusetts

Photographers will love the spectacular scenery.

We love the scenic beaches and views of around the coast of Hull. There are views of the Boston skyline and incredible sunsets. Many people who visit the public beaches never venture beyond this point and they end up missing these views and historical experiences such as the Hull Life Saving Museum or Fort Revere Park.

Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach is a Massauchusetts State Park, open year round. It is rated one of the top ten beaches in New England. During the summer months lifeguards are on duty and there is a public rest room available. It is situated a mile along the Massachusetts Bay. There is a boardwalk which runs lengthwise of the beach for biking or walking. During low tide often there are tidal pools for small children to play in or to beachcomb for sea life such as hermit crabs, starfish or sea glass/sea shells.

Visit Hull Massachusetts

The beaches are full of beautiful surprises!

Paragon Carousel

Paragon Carousel is a historical carousel and one of only 100 Grand carousels in the United States. It was built in 1928 and has been in operation for over 80 years. The Carousel was originally an attraction in the Paragon Park amusement park which closed in 1984. It contains hand carved horses and is decorated with 35 original paintings.

Fort Revere Park

Fort Revere Park is a great stop for history buffs!

Fort Revere Park

Fort Revere Park is an 8 acre historic state park, sixty feet above sea level. There are two seacoast fortifications; one used in the American Revolution and the other from 1898-1947. The fort was named in honor of Paul Revere. Picnic tables are available for you to use while enjoying amazing views of Boston Harbor.

Hull Lifesaving Museum

Hull Lifesaving Museum is a must-see.

Hull Lifesaving Museum

Hull Lifesaving Museum is located at the former Point Allerton US Lifesaving Station which opened in 1889 under the leadership of Joshua James. The museum contains information about schooners, nor’easters, shipwrecks, rescues and maritime history of Boston Harbor. There are views of Boston Light from an observation point.

The museum has rotating exhibits, events and programs such as the art exhibits, rowing programs, a summer program for children and an annual Harbor Illumination festival. If you are visiting, check the museum website for current information.

If you’re planning a trip to this area, make sure to check out a list of hotels in Hull, Massachusetts.

Explore by Ferry

Ride the Ferry to Boston or the Boston Harbor Islands by boarding the ferry at the stop in Hull. You can spend the day touring the Boston Harbor Islands or a 15 minute ferry ride will bring you to downtown Boston.

Visit Hull Massachusetts

Sunsets over the Boston skyline are not to be missed.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Watching the sunset with the backdrop of the Boston skyline and Boston Harbor is a must when visiting. If you go to the bay side of A Street there is a pier and marina where you can walk out and see spectacular sunsets every night. Next to the pier is a restaurant, if you would like to dine while enjoying the views.

visit hull massachusetts

Picture perfect sunsets!


  • If you are a Massachusetts resident or know one, you can reserve a free parking pass for the Nantasket beach parking lot. The lot for the pass is small and fills up quickly, get there early to ensure a spot.
  • There is a hotel on the ocean called the Nantasket Beach resort or there are Bed and Breakfast places available to stay overnight. If you are planning to stay for a week or longer, there are many houses available for rent.
  • Before going to the beach, check the tide chart since sometimes there is little beach available during high tide.
  • Here is a map of Hull to use when you visit containing fun facts: map.

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