Guest Writer Guidelines

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Guest Writer Guidelines for My Itchy Travel Feet

Thanks for your interest. We are not assigning articles at this time (05.16.2023).

Paid Article Assignments

Thanks for your interest in contributing to My Itchy Travel Feet. We’d love to work with you. Before pitching us, please check our theme pages and/or the drop down menu from our destination page to see if your idea has already been covered and also to familiarize yourself with the types of articles that we publish.

Once we agree upon a topic, we’ll work with you to determine a submission date. Please submit your work on time.

Article payment is negotiated per article and paid via Paypal during the week that your article is published. For prompt payment, include your paypal address when submitting the final article and photos.

Editorial Guidelines

As you begin to write for us, keep in mind that we are a personal travel site geared to active, travel-loving baby boomers. Essentially, we are looking to publish personable and relatable content that is also informative. This means no top ten lists or cold city descriptions, etc. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

– Must be original content for My Itchy Travel Feet. Please do not reproduce on another site, although one paragraph on your site that includes a link back to us is fine.

– Slant for an active boomer audience.

– Disclose at the end of the article if any portion of this trip was sponsored or subsidized in any way.

– At least 1200 words but the story is more important than the number of words. Use what you need to tell the story.

– Headings to break up longer articles are encouraged.

– Include at least 3 reference links within the article.

– Do not include links in the article to your site or a site that you’ve been paid to promote. (These will be removed.)

– We reserve the right to add affiliate links into the content as we see fit.

– Submit three to four quality photos (with captions) to which you own the copyright or have permission to publish, must include photo attribution information for photos that are not yours. We cannot accept any royalty free images sourced from online photo sites. Our site is as much visual as it is editorial, so quality photos are just as important as quality writing.

– Do not submit watermarked photos.

– Please send large, high jpeg photos, at least 500 x 375 (larger preferred as we can make them smaller to meet our requirements). If necessary, send them each in a separate email.

– Provide a two to three sentence bio with a link back to your site for our author’s box. A second link to a published book or social media account is also allowed.

– For a bio photo, please provide the email address to your gravatar account.

– Submit the article in Word format. Do not embed the photos in the article, but send separately in an email.

– Due to a tight editorial schedule, we ask that all writers turn in their articles on time. If articles are more than three days late, we won’t be able to accept the article.

And, of course, we appreciate social media sharing once your article has been published.