You’re packing how many pairs of shoes?

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I can’t tell you how many times Alan has asked me this question as he passes by our “packing” bedroom when I’m preparing for a trip. Men have it so much easier…a pair of dress shoes, a pair of casual shoes (or the same pair for both situations), maybe flip flops, plus wear the workout shoes on the plane. It’s not that easy for most female travelers.

Ray Schuette
My favorite One Soles combination. Photo credit: Ray Schuette

Well, baby boomer women, here’s a solution to our shoe-packing dilemma. With One Soles by Quick Change Artist, I pack one pair of soles with many interchangeable tops that snap into place. Last year, I bought the Traveler/Clog with 3″ heel, dressy enough for evening but comfortable for daytime too. My only complaint is that they feel a bit “clunky.” Alan doesn’t care for the flapping noise they make as I walk. But, hey, they look good and are comfortable on my feet. Isn’t that what counts?

Order the shoes and tops from the One Sole website, or check out the retailer list to see if they are sold at a location near you. I bought my soles (they came with three tops) at a retail store, then ordered more tops from the website. This year I’m going to try the Casual Soft Step with cork soles.

Scratch those itchy travel feet!

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