Zoom down the Matukituki River in a jet boat

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New Zealand is adventure heaven for thrill seeking baby boomers. Care to dangle upside down on a long rubber band? How about drifting high above Queenstown on air currents? Bungy jumping and paragliding are some of the adventures you can find in the air.

But, if you’re seeking water thrills, nothing beats a ride on a jet boat. Drivers maneuver flat bottomed boats down shallow rivers, skimming the water as they follow a zig-zag course. An abrupt 360 degree turn brings the ride to a halt.

On our visit to Wanaka, Alan and I chose a jet boat ride that provided more than water thrills. Bret, our Maori guide and driver from Wanaka River Journeys, introduced us to the history, culture and beauty of the Matukituki Valley in addition to the thrills of jet boating. We loved the combination.

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