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Five Best Apps for Road Trips

Best Road Trip Apps

Italian Station Wagon?

In my younger days, road trips meant freedom and the joy of the unexpected. Just hearing those two simple words, “road trip” would have me fluttering with excitement and quietly singing the ultimate road trip song, “Born to Be Wild”.

♫ Get your motor running,
Head out on the highway,
Looking for some danger,
And take whatever comes our way♫

It’s amazing how times change, isn’t it? Of course, I’m not saying I don’t like a bit of excitement once in a while; but these days I’m never, ever looking for “some danger” and I’m certainly not going to just “take whatever comes our way”. Nowadays, I don’t have to—there’s an App for that!

As much as I like a good spontaneous adventure now and then, I’m a meticulous planner at heart and always like to know exactly what the roads have in store for me on any trip, whether a quick weekend jaunt or a long car journey. Yes, that’s right, I still want to get my motor running and head out on the highway, but I’ll be foregoing any danger and unforeseen events thanks very much to my favorite road trip Apps.

These days, there are probably thousands of Apps that are designed to make our road trips not only safer and more efficient, but also affordable. Apps are there to take the unforeseen issues out of the way so you can enjoy a nice trip without having to worry about getting ripped off at the next gas station or missing some great tourist attraction that’s hidden just 10 minutes off the next exit. To make the most out of your next road journey, here are five Apps that are indispensible for any road warrior.

1. Budget Travel Ultimate Road Trip App

As the name suggest, this Road Trip App is probably one of the most useful Apps for planning a car journey. Not only does it offer a world of potential trajectory options from awe-inspiring coastal routes to best country roads less-traveled, it also lists the closest places to rest your weary head, where to eat and many other helpful options, including GPS. When it comes to road trip assistance, this one can’t be beat. (iPhone and Android)

2. iExit

Never miss an exit again! iExit is the must have accessory for those who, like me, are “exit challenged” sometimes and need a good bit of warning beforehand. Those suckers really do sneak up on you, don’t they? (iPhone only)

3. Roadside America App

If there’s any two words besides “road trip” that can get my motor running its “roadside oddities”. Yes, Roadside American App alerts you to not only the most popular road side attractions like farmer markets or shopping outlets, but various “roadside oddities” that only true road runners can enjoy. I’m guessing it lists anything from the World’s Largest Hog in Dothan, Alabama to the World’s Largest Spinach Can in Alma, Arkansas. On top of that, this App gives you opening hours, entry prices and directions to all the road side sites in the U.S. You’ll never miss that giant ball of twine again! (iPhone only)

4. Gas Buddy

Now that you’ve got your directions, your exit strategy and your roadside oddities, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite money saving App, Gas Buddy. Yes, as many road trippers can attest, this is the ultimate App for those looking to save a few bucks. Gas Buddy lets you compare gas prices anywhere on the map, showing you the cheapest gas station in your area. (Android and iPhone)

5. Behind the Wheel

As any road warrior knows, safety is the priority when driving. Whether you’re on a solo drive or carting around your entire family, safety comes first. And as more and more of us are magnetically drawn to our smartphones, we tend to forget that it is imperative not to pick it up while driving. Behind the Wheel is a great way to resist the urge to answer an incoming call while driving. Once an incoming message is received, Behind the Wheel has an auto responder that sends a message to that person that you are currently driving and will respond later. (Android only)

Best Road Trip Apps

Me in my rented mini

While there are many Apps to choose from in our modern-day traveler’s world, these five road trip Apps are the best of the bunch as far as travel efficiency, driver safety, and affordability go. What about you? Any road trip Apps you’d like to add to this list? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email with your comments or questions.

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