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Whoa! Alaska is one big beautiful, adventure-filled state. With more than its fair share of natural beauty and wildlife, this state and the neighboring areas of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory make for an ambitious, but remarkable road trip. Between the rugged roads, small towns and beautiful landscape, our Alaska Highway road trip was an unforgettable travel experience.

For anyone thinking about taking an Alaska Highway road trip, read our articles (there are more coming) and take a look at our four-week journey (referred to as #YukonHo! on social media) to assist you in planning your next boomer travel adventure!

Alaskan Highway Itinerary

The route began from our home base near Missoula, Montana, but we counted Port Hardy on Vancouver Island as the real beginning of YukonHo! Click on: Alaskan Highway Itinerary to read more about our experience.

The Milepost: Your Companion For North Country Travel

For anyone that is thinking about traveling the roads in Alaska, British Columbia or the Yukon, a copy of the Milepost is essential. Click on: The Milepost: Your Companion For North Country Travel to read our review.

Watching for Bears at Fish Creek

Anyone looking for a good bear-spotting area in Alaska should make their way to at Fish Creek in Hyder, Alaska from July to early September. This is salmon spawning season and a strategic platform lets you watch the bears stalk their daily meals. Click on: Watching for Bears at Fish Creek to read more about our experience.

Driving on Top of the World

On a misty, September morning, our Ram truck climbs Yukon Highway 9—also called Top of the World Highway—after crossing the Yukon River on the George Black Ferry out of Dawson City. Click on: Driving on Top of the World to read more about our experience.

Beautiful Downtown Chicken

Traveling down Alaska’s Top of the World highway, between Taylor Highway and 40 Mile Valley, you’ll discover the community of Chicken, the ONLY place to stop. Luckily, there are several business that do it all—food, lodging and fuel. Click on Beautiful Downtown Chicken to learn more about our experience in this unique Alaskan town.

Standing in the Fireweed

While Alaska is known for its incredible wildlife such as black bears, reindeer and caribou, we were delighted to see most of Alaska’s stunning landscape to be covered with bright fireweed wherever we went. Read more by clicking on on Standing in the Fireweed.

Alaska Highway Week One

The first leg of our Alaska Highway road trip took us to Republic, Washington. We made a mental note to return to the western-themed town to explore and hike in the mountains of northeastern Washington. Click on: Alaska Highway Week One to view a photo essay on our experience.

Alaska Highway Week Two

The second week of our Alaska Highway adventure takes us on a side trip from the Cassiar Highway to Stewart, British Columbia, at the head of the Portland Canal, which is actually a very long fjord. Click on: Alaska Highway Week Two to see the photo essay.

Alaska Highway Week Three

On the third week of our Alaska Highway road trip, we experienced Yukon mining history in Dawson City, drove across the Top of the World, gawked at the stunning scenery of Glenn Highway and ended the week in the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. To view the photo essay, click on: Alaska Highway Week Three.

Alaska Highway Week Four

Alaska Highway Week Four is the final week of our Alaska Highway Adventure. And we’re spending it on the waters of the Inside Passage cruising the Alaska Marine Highway from Homer, AK, to Bellingham, WA. Click on Alaska Highway Week Four to see the photo essay.

If you’re looking for more road trip advice, take a look at our Road Trip Archive with trips to Northern Italy, California, Vancouver Island, Montana and more!


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