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Finding Wireless Service in Rural America with TracFone

July 16, 2015

For the next six months, I’ll be reporting my experiences using one of America’s largest no-contract wireless services as a TracFone brand ambassador (sponsored). Living in rural America has its advantages—no crowds, outstanding scenery and a relaxed lifestyle. But country life also has disadvantages, especially when it comes to shopping. For instance, to contract with […]

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Going Gypsy With Veronica and David James

March 12, 2015
Going Gypsy

Do you remember the way you felt on the day that you dropped the last kid off at college? It’s definitely a “what do I do next” moment. Many boomers negotiate the event smoothly, while some of us — you know who you are — struggle with that empty nest. In Going Gypsy, One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest […]

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ASUS MeMo Pad8: A Budget-friendly Tablet for Travelers

December 3, 2014

Who wants to travel loaded down with electronic devices? While travel writers and bloggers pack gadgets that tend to eat up carryon space, the casual traveler doesn’t need laptops, extra hard drives and the like. If all you want is a tablet for reading books, surfing the Internet and taking the occasional photo, the budget-friendly ASUS MeMO […]

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Gluten-Free Travel Tips Help Make Travel Tasty Again

September 25, 2014
Gluten-Free Guide to Travel

Although gluten-free travel has come a long way over the last few years, traveling can still be quite stressful for those who cannot eat gluten products. Travel is nerve-racking enough sometimes; and when you travel with dietary restrictions, well, it can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources out there to help travelers stay […]

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California Goodness Delivered to Your Door

September 16, 2014
California Wine Club monthly shipment

California wine country is one of our favorite U.S. destinations. Alan and I especially enjoy exploring small, family-run wineries where the owners share their enthusiasm and passion for wine making with visitors. And did I mention the fun of sampling handcrafted wines while listening to stories of how the winery came to be? When The California Wine […]

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Eating Well on the Road

August 21, 2014
Eating Well on the Road

Eating healthy and controlling weight is a challenge for most travelers, whether you’re a boomer on a road trip or someone who travels for a profession like writer, Candy Harrington. Before you know it, the doctor’s prescribing blood pressure and cholesterol medication because of your unhealthy meal choices at home and on the road. That’s what happened to Candy […]

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A Pill Organizer That Travels With You

July 31, 2014
MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer

How do you pack prescriptions and supplements for a trip? Do you dump them in plastic zip-lock bags?That’s how Alan and I have been packing our supplements. Luckily, we’re healthy and don’t take many prescription drugs, but we do believe in the benefits of taking supplements. Of course when we’re lugging around a plastic bag of pills, it’s hard […]

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Don’t be Stranded in a Travel Emergency

May 22, 2014
Donna and Alan Hull at the Lion in Lucerne

You’re bicycling through a French vineyard. Splat! You just fell down and broke a leg. At the hospital, the doctor says that the injury requires a full leg cast. Uh-oh. The full leg cast means that you can’t fly on a commercial airliner. But all you want to do is go home to doctors that you know and trust. […]

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Traveling Light With The Eagle Creek Load Warrior

April 15, 2014
The Eagle Creek 22" rolling duffle packed and ready to go.

Confession time. I’m not a light packer. Although my packing skills have improved over the years, and I no longer pack everything I own, becoming an efficient packer is still on my to do list. At least that WAS the case before I traveled for 18 days using an Eagle Creek 22″ rolling duffle bag […]

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The Milepost: Your Companion For North Country Travel

March 12, 2014
Review of The Milepost. A must-have for driving in Alaska.

Sometimes our road trip planning consists of packing a few items and fueling up the car, before heading on a spontaneous journey to who knows where. But not when it comes to driving the Alaska Highway. This is a travel adventure that requires months of planning. And sometimes the information isn’t easy to come by. […]

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