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We think experiencing an activity that’s slightly challenging, or one that is new to us, is exhilarating. Our motto: we’ll try anything (within reason) once. If we really love it, we’ll go back and do it again. Why not expand your horizons by trying some of our favorites? And don’t worry, these are doable for most boomers.

Hiking Around the World

Whether we’re in New Zealand, cruising in Alaska or visiting a National Park, a good hike is one of our favorite ways to experience a destination. Read about some of our favorite hikes from around the world by clicking on Hiking Around the World.

Walking Tours

Visiting a destination on foot is the very best way to get the feel of a place. Whether it’s with a professional guide (highly recommended) or a on a self-guided walk around town, getting your feet on the ground is one of the best active travel experiences and great exercise too! Read about some of our favorite walking experiences by clicking on Walking Tours.

Boomer Adventures in Hawaii

If you’re an active boomer looking for fun, you’ll find plenty of it in Hawaii. While lounging on the beach with a tropical drink in your hand is relaxing, Hawaii offers so much more. In between sun worshiping, plan an adventure from our list of first-hand reports by clicking on Boomer Adventures in Hawaii.

Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing in the Florida Keys? This travel princess? Those were my thoughts when I learned a Florida Keys press visit would include a half-day fishing charter. Read about my experience by clicking on Fishing in the Florida Keys.

Active Travel in Alaska

Alaska is without a doubt one of America’s most precious resources. The state is just beyond beautiful and filled with active travel opportunities. Read about some of our favorites by clicking on Active Travel in Alaska.

Day-tripping Through New Zealand’s Glacier Country

For a close-up glacier experience, nothing beats the convenience of Franz Josef and Fox Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand. Read about our experience by clicking on Day-tripping Through New Zealand’s Glacier Country.

Four Wheel Drive Adventures

Obviously, we’re big fans of active travel and when we see an opportunity to explore a new area by four wheel drive, we jump on it! Click on Four Wheel Drive Adventures to read more about our experiences.

Spend a Day in Cinque Terre

The string of five villages perched along Italy’s rugged Ligurian coast, deserves more attention than just one day. But if you’re a traveler who’s pressed for time, one day exploring the area is better than not seeing it at all. Read more about our experience by clicking on: Spend a Day in Cinque Terre.

Snorkeling at Moon Reef

If you’re traveling to Fiji, plan a snorkeling adventure at Moon Reef. Read about our independent cruise excursion by clicking on Snorkeling at Moon Reef.

Sea Kayaking at Refugio State Park

Looking for an adventure on the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, California? Click on Sea Kayaking at Refugio State Park to read about Donna’s experience.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Utah

Nothing beats the exhilaration of riding in a hot air balloon high over the winter landscape of Bluff, Utah. To read more about our experience, click on Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Utah.

Kayaking Down the Ichetucknee River

Don’t spend all your time on the beach in Florida. Head on over to the clear waters of the Ichetucknee River for a fun boomer excursion. Learn more about this adventure by clicking on Kayaking Down the Ichetucknee River.

Discovering Arizona’s slot canyons

Visit Waterholes, Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope slot canyons in Arizona for a fun adventure. Be sure to bring your camera along. To read more about our experience, click on Discovering Arizona’s slot canyons.

Boomer Adventures on Kiawah Island

Looking for an uncrowded beach with plenty to do? Visit our South Carolina favorite, Kiawah Island. Learn more about our experience by clicking on Boomer adventures on Kiawah Island.

36 Hours in Tucson for the Active Traveler

We lived in Tucson for 11 years so we KNOW Tucson. Follow our fast-paced itinerary for an active trip to the Old Pueblo. To read more, click on 36 Hours in Tucson for the Active Traveler.

Fly-fishing in Montana

The Missouri River in Montana made a great location for our first fly fishing experience. Click on Fly-fishing in Montana to read more.

Active Winter Travel

While some may prefer to toast away on any number of international beaches, we take advantage of any winter time travel opportunity that comes our way. Active and romantic, cold destination travel can be incredibly exciting. Click on Active Winter Travel to read more.

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