How to Find the Best Travel Tips

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There’s no shortage of travel advice on the Internet. But how do you know if the latest “best travel tips” that you see published in news articles, blogs, even at My Itchy Travel Feet, are the right ones for you?

Our advice—consider the source. If the author doesn’t travel in the same manner that you do, then his or her advice might not be that helpful. Tips that apply to budget travel won’t be the advice that you need for enjoying a luxury travel experience. And, obviously, millennial travel advice isn’t what a boomer traveler needs. Our travel styles are completely different.

Travel Tips
A luxurious stay at Birkenhead House at the South African coastal town of Hermanus probably won’t be recommended by budget travelers. When it comes to lodging, it’s key to find what’s right for you!

The Best Travel Tips are the ones that apply to your situation

When researching travel, the first thing that we do is consider the source. Does the author, or publication, write about the type of travel that we do? For instance, cruise tips are everywhere. But if those cruise tips aren’t about small ship luxury travel—our preferred way to cruise—most of the tips won’t apply to our next cruise. On the other hand, budget cruisers won’t benefit from advice about all-inclusive cruise lines because the amenities and experiences are totally different.

Travel Tips
American Safari Quest cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage.

How recent is the advice or has it been updated? Like everything else in life, the travel world changes quickly. When reading travel tips, we check to see if there’s a date in the url or anywhere else on the page to let us know how long ago the information was published. Another tip for finding current information is to add the year to the end of search terms in Google.

Travel Tips
Learning to pack efficiently is a huge advantage for any traveler.

If the travel advice sounds too good to be true, especially in the case of travel hacking tips, check with legitimate sources. Can you really bring that on the plane? TSA is the authority. Do I have to pay for water on the cruise? Ask the cruise line. Just because you see information in print, reported in social media or published on a blog, doesn’t mean it’s so.

Not every writer or blogger confirms information. But we do!

So if you’re looking for travel tips from baby boomers about road trips, luxury cruises, bucket list trips, active travel, romantic getaways, national parks or off-the-beaten-path destinations, that’s us. Start here:

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