Bicycling Tours for Boomers

Bicycling tours for boomer adventure

A destination takes on a different perspective from the seat of a bicycle. Bicycling tours for boomers add a new dimension to your travels. Whether on an organized bicycling tour or exploring roads on your own, cycling is a fun way to experience the world.

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Does a bicycling vacation equal long rides accompanied by camping and cookstoves? Absolutely not! In today’s travel environment, cycling adventure tours include luxurious accommodations, fine dining and logistical help along the way, not to mention excellent touring bikes.

Boomer travelers will find complimentary bicycles on barge and river cruises. Or create your own boomer adventure with a day-long bicycling experience in a favorite international city.

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Riding the Backroads through the Loire Valley

A biking trip in France comes with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous gardens and, of course, regal chateaux. Cycling through the Loire Valley is an unforgettable experience. Explore by bicycle during the day, then fuel up with gourmet food and wine for the next day. Read more about riding the backroads through the Loire Valley to see if Pam Wilson’s boomer biking adventure is for you.

Day cycling in Bagan, Myanmar

Cycling in Bagan, Myanmar combines three of our favorite travel themes: exotic destinations, off-the-beaten-path travel and active adventure. Sue King shares her experience exploring the temples of Bagan by bicycle. Her tips will show you how to create your own cycling day in Bagan. Click through to cycling to the temples in Bagan for some wonderful travel inspiration.

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Cycling Japan’s Kibiji Trail

Imagine exploring Japan by bike. You’ll see Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and a flowering landscape if you go in the spring. Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks, share their cycling adventure biking the Kibiji Trail. Is this adventure for you? Read more to find out. 

Explore Barcelona by bicycle

End a wonderful couple of days cycling in Barcelona, Spain with a beautiful sunset. But, first, you’ll need some tips. Vanessa A. Nirode takes us on an adventurous bicycle ride through the Spanish city’s streets and hilly suburbs. If you’re looking for a fun adventure during a multi-day stay in Barcelona, don’t miss her tips for biking in Barcelona.

Cycling the Hamptons of Germany

Jeanine Barone went looking for a bicycling vacation in Germany and found it—on the island of Sylt. She’ll show you how to combine a German cycling adventure with beaches and spas. There are plenty of bicycle paths to ride, too. This sounds like our kind of boomer travel adventure. Read more about a cycling tour of Sylt and how to make it happen.

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