Canadian Adventures for Boomer Travelers

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Did you know that the Canadian Federation includes ten provinces and three territories? From urban areas to far-flung national parks on the Arctic Ocean, active boomer travelers will find a variety of Canadian adventures to suit their style. To get you started, here’s an active travel idea for every province and territory in Canada. Which ones will you add to your boomer bucket list? Alan and I want to do ALL of them!

Canadian adventures in Alberta include gorgeous scenery. We discovered it all on a Canadian Rockies Tauck Tour.
We discovered the beauty of Lake Louis on a Canadian Rockies Tauck Tour.

Canadian Adventures in Alberta

Alberta is home to the beautiful Canadian Rockies and several national parks including Jasper and Banff. Although we toured the area on a Canadian Rockies Tauck Tour, it’s time to return to hike to Lake Agnes Tea House at Lake Louise.

Discover Canadian Adventures from the water on a Prince Rupert Ferry ride.
Discover Canadian adventures from the water on a Prince Rupert Ferry ride.

Beautiful Experiences in British Columbia

British Columbia stretches from the Canadian Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. Heli hiking in the Bugaboos is high on our boomer bucket list. Or follow in our travel footsteps by taking a Vancouver Island Road Trip.

Outdoor Fun in Manitoba

Manitoba has more than 80 provincial parks with a varied landscape that offers numerous outdoor opportunities. Watching polar bears in Churchill is tops on our boomer want to do list.

Exploring the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia is a fun Canadian Adventure. Click through to discover more.
Bay of Fundy at low tide. (Photo by Debi Lander)

Wildlife Watching in New Brunswick

New Brunswick, on the eastern coast of Canada, offers prime wildlife watching including whales, bear and moose. Or experience the amazing tidal bore at Bay of Fundy.

Kayaking with icebergs is but one of the active boomer adventures to try in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Start your iceberg adventures at Twillingate! (Photo by Leigh McAdam)

Bucket List Experiences in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador, on the eastern edge of North America, offer once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for the active boomer traveler. Highlights include the stunning Gros Morne National Park and iceberg viewing by kayak or boat along Iceberg Alley.

Go Off-the-beaten-path in the Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories (territory) is Canada at its wildest. Arranging the hiking, white water rafting and adventuring is best left up to the experts. Start your research at the Northwest Territories tourism page.

Fun Canadian adventures include sailing in Nova Scotia. Click through to discover more active boomer travel ideas.
Sailing along the coast is an amazing way to see this area’s natural beauty. (Photo by Vera Marie Badertscher)

Coastal Adventures in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia provides history, culture and natural beauty on the eastern coast of Canada. Drive the Cabot Trail or bike it!

Ultimate Canadian Adventures in Nunavut

Nunavut (territory) lays claim to the term “like nowhere else on Earth.” If you want to see wildlife like narwhal, polar bear, beluga whales and muskox, this Arctic territory adjacent to the Northwest passage will do.

Interested in checking out all that this beautiful country has to offer? Start your travel planning with this list of hotels in Canada.

Explore the Countryside in Ontario

Ontario includes the cities of Toronto and Ottawa. But you’ll find plenty of outdoor adventure, too. Looking for something different? Explore Bonnechere Caves.

Discover Canada
Our good friend, Leigh McAdam has some great ideas on how to Discover Canada!

 History and Food in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island may be tiny but it’s packed with fun. Think lobster, Anne of Green Gables, lobster, well you get the gist. Don’t these authentic PEI experiences look like fun?

Looking for Canadian Adventures? Try Walking with Wolves in Quebec!
Beautiful creatures, aren’t they? (Photo by Carol Patterson)

Wildlife Adventure in Quebec

Quebec may mean Montreal to you, but we recommend you go walking with wolves.

Explore the Prairie in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is home to prairies, lakes and winter fun. Or how about horseback riding in Grasslands National Park?

Add Canadian adventure in Kluane National Park to your Alaska Highway road trip plans.
Stunning Kluane National Park is a must see while driving on the Alaskan Highway. (Photo by Leigh McAdam)

Wild Times in the Yukon

Yukon (territory) offers adventure and first nation culture. If you’re driving the Alaska Highway, take time to explore Kluane National Park. But what we really want to do is go dog sledding on a winter trip to the Ibex Valley.

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